Are criminals smarter than cops

Shellfish: Petty criminals are smarter than the police

Last Saturday, Ramadan N., the king of the Berlin cone players, sat in front of the Kaufhaus des Westens and went about his business with colleagues. A sporty young man in civilian clothes came up and asked Mr N. if he could identify himself. He showed an ID himself. Immediately the entire troupe of shell players practically vanished into thin air. When passers-by approached the brave police officer in appreciation, he said he wasn't a police officer at all. It just annoyed him. And the police don't do anything anymore ...

On the one hand, this act of moral courage is encouraging: Not all fellow citizens look the other way and only care about their own business. On the other hand, of course, we don't want vigilante justice, because there were good reasons for the state's monopoly of force.

The shell player case is a particularly good example of a surrender of the law enforcement officers by a 20 year old letter from the Berlin Senate Administration. As early as 1998, someone complained about the mass fraud on the street.

The three-way response from the officer in charge is thoroughly committed, it is comprehensive - but above all it is an oath of disclosure. It says: "Due to the recognizability of a deployment of uniformed forces, the familiarity of the police operative groups employed in civil clothing and the increasingly sophisticated warning mechanisms within the conglomerate groups, which have been improved compared to earlier, this is for repressive criminal procedural measures and a judicial conviction required conclusive evidence of fraud or illegal gambling is increasingly difficult for the officials. ...

Tourists and Berliners are further fooled

Over time, the shell players have adapted their game operations to the measures of the police. ... The criminal police advice center created a leaflet in which the fraudulent intentions of the shell players are pointed out. ... We ask you, despite all understandable criticism, to consider that the subject of the shell game would be over if tourists, but also Berlin citizens, did not give in to the urge to take part in this game against their better judgment. "