What is a coffee fruit

Coffee cherries: that's behind the trend fruit

The fruit got the name "coffee cherry" because of its beautiful red color. (Photo by: nimon_t / Depositphotos)

That's behind the fruit

When you think of coffee, you usually think of the drink first and then the bean. The coffee fruit, on the other hand, is hardly known, if at all. It is also called a coffee cherry or coffee berry and is usually ignored when the beans are harvested.

The fruit is usually very small and greenish, but ripens to beautiful tones of Red and purplethe more mature it gets. The coffee bean grows inside and is actually that Seeds ofCoffee fruit. Again and again you can find the fruits in Supplements, Juices and tea blends.

The potential of the coffee fruit

Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that can help harmful ingredients, too Free radicals called to fight. These free radicals are often responsible for damage to the body cells and the promotion of chronic diseases (e.g. rheumatism).

Healthy for brain functions?

In a small study it could be shown that already 100 mg coffee fruit concentrate can Growth factor BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) could increase in the brain.

BDNF is a protein that is important for survival and the Growth ofbrain cells are. In patients with Alzheimer's disease, a low BDNF level is measured again and again, which suggests that the coffee fruit could still play an important role in the diet in Alzheimer's disease in the future.

Helpful in weight loss?

A laboratory study shows that the ingredients in the coffee fruit encouraged the breakdown of fat cells in the body while suppressing the production of new fat cells.

In addition, coffee fruits are rich in Chlorogenic acid, which has long been known for its abilities Support of weight losst and fat burning is studied.

Conducting studies

It is important to keep in mind that many findings as well Study results come from small studies, laboratory tests and animal experiments. Although this enabled us to gather some important findings, the study phase is far from over and will take some time.

Are there any side effects to the coffee fruit?

Also possible studies Long-term aftermath and the safety of the coffee fruit are scarce. In general, however, the fruit is considered safe as long as it is used in moderation and not in bulk.

Still, one should keep in mind that the fruit, like the bean, contains caffeine. How much of it you consume mostly depends on the product in which it is contained. On average, it is usually around 5.20 mg per serving.

This is a lot less than a normal serving of coffee, which usually contains around 96 mg of caffeine per cup. That is a lot less, but it should people sensitive to caffeine but be careful here that you don't take too much.

Where is the coffee fruit contained?

The coffee fruit is already found in some products in Pharmacies and Drugstores to find. The extracts of the fruit can usually be found in common forms such as juices, tablets and capsules. But they can also be found again and again in cosmetic products.

For a long time, the coffee cherry tea (cascara), which is brewed from the dried skin of the coffee fruits, was particularly well known. However, the coffee fruit itself cannot currently be purchased unprocessed in the EU.


Unfortunately, the full effect of the coffee fruit has not yet been researched. Nevertheless, it is rich in antioxidants and will be further researched in the future on its effects on brain function and weight loss.

They can be found in a wide variety of products and dietary supplements. However, until the actual effect and side effects have been researched, you should definitely seek medical advice beforehand if you are taking it medicinally.

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