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What does cooking mean? Definition:

Every cook needs to know that: Cooking belongs to the category of moist cooking of food (with water) and has a boiling point of around 100 degrees Celsius. A further distinction is made between simmering and bubbling boiling. When simmering, little heat is applied and the food is cooked gently. Bubbly boiling is used, for example, when boiling potatoes. Cooking at low temperatures is healthy and gentle cooking. It is becoming more and more widespread in professional catering, also for reasons of energy efficiency. See the links for sous vide and vacuum cooking in the next section.

Which appliances do you cook with?

Ovens, (grills), hot air steamers, stoves, induction roasters, convectors. It is kept warm with the bain marie, chafing dishes and GN containers.

Cooking in gastronomy

Different activities and techniques when cooking in gastronomy:

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Miele & Cie. KG - presented as a large manufacturer of cooking appliances

Miele & Cie. KG is a family company founded in 1899 with headquarters in G├╝tersloh (North Rhine-Westphalia) and around 16,000 employees for the production of premium household appliances and the product areas of cooking, baking, steaming, cooling and freezing, coffee preparation, dishwashing, laundry and floor care .

Sales in billions of euros are made with products such as washing machines, dryers and ironing machines. This was followed by dishwashers (development of the world's first dishwasher in 1929), stoves / ovens, glass ceramic perforated fields, extractor hoods, vacuum cleaners and kitchens. There is also the program, which offers an extensive range of systems for commercial applications: laundry machines, dryers, wet cleaning systems and disinfectors. Contact Miele & Cie. KG.

Mason jars

Mason jars are an out-of-fashion, but resurgent method of getting through in the professional field the so-called boiling downTo preserve, canning or canning food by heating and under vacuum. The principle is to preserve vegetables, for example, in jars and in a water bath, which are heated evenly to the boiling temperature (-> degrees Celsius) (sterilization process).

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