Moved from Texas to California

Moved from California to Texas | Elon Musk is now a cowboy

Yeehaw. Now Elon Musk is going to be a cowboy (49).

The Tesla boss has moved his residence from California to Texas. The entrepreneur confirmed corresponding media reports on Tuesday. "Yes, I moved to Texas," Musk said at a conference organized by the Wall Street Journal.

Musk justified the move with his business activities in the southern state. His space company SpaceX is developing rockets there and the electric car manufacturer Tesla is building a large production facility near the Texas capital Austin.

But behind the move, similar to the move of President Donald J. Trump (74) from New York to Florida, there is something else behind it: money and a personal account.

The move should be financially worthwhile for Musk, as Texas doesn't levy its own income tax. In California he has had to pay significantly higher taxes so far.

The soaring Tesla share recently made the entrepreneur the second richest man in the world. On paper, he owns $ 155 billion, according to financial news agency Bloomberg.

AND: Musk got into a dispute with the Californian authorities in May about the corona restrictions at the time, which had led to a Tesla plant being closed for several weeks.

On Tuesday he described California as "great". But then he made a statement: The most populous and economically strongest US state had gotten too used to its success ...

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