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Cleansing by smoking: this is how you bring new energy into your home - a not-so-esoteric guide

Oh, Sabine, what kind of esoteric hocus-pocus is this again? Cleaning by smoking? Shaman, feather, incense ritual? And then in the end we are all stoned in the apartment ?! Next we ride naggishly around the Blocksberg at night so that the kitchen is spiritually tidy again and the extractor hood is spared?

Haha! That would be cool, wouldn't it? But trust me: What I'm telling you today has nothing to do with voodoo, exorcism or hocus-pocus. But with a cleaning of the house, which leaves the bugs on the left and takes the thick air with it.

The proverbial thick air

Well, I don't have to tell you anything about the bad air. It can literally be grasped with your hands at times. Do you know that when you walk into a room and immediately notice that something is in the air? Exactly! I mean this feeling! Sometimes that atmosphere can really drain you and depress you. There are even people who react with physical discomfort or fear. Well, I belong to that.

I sniff out bad vibes within seconds and completely absorb them wonderfully. Then my body decides whether to turn it into a headache or a bad mood.

Great sausage.

Cleaning by Smoking - How It Works

We humans are energetic beings and we leave an energetic signature behind. It consists of a colorful mixture of thoughts, emotions and our energy. This is not a bad thing at first and we normally don't leave a strong “scent mark” in every place.

But if this energy is particularly strong and intense (such as in a conflict), it can stay in rooms for a long time and build up - this applies in a positive as well as in a negative sense. Isn't that fantastic: We pack lots of good-humored and positive people into one room and thus build up an energy field out of happiness ?! Oh yes, I would like that (also in the office).

Fuming out the guest toilet or would you prefer the used car?

Have you ever had the feeling that an object has bad karma attached to it? Do you feel strange in a chic, freshly bought used car? Or do not want the new apartment really to belong to you?

On a small scale I learned how to smoke a room in the USA. In our shared apartment I was strongly advised to always use a match after visiting the bathroom - regardless of what I had done in there beforehand. So my smell was neutralized for the next user - this also applied to my shower gel, which the master of the house might find a little too flowery.

Don't forget your garage!

Moving to another apartment is the perfect opportunity to cleanse you of the energies of the previous tenant by smoking. Because who knows what dramas have played out there before and what bad energy is still hanging around there ?! If you want to be particularly thorough, your cleaning ritual is not limited to the living space, but also thoroughly smokes everything from the basement to the attic, including the garage.

In principle, every object can be cleaned of adhering energy - from a used car to second-hand clothing or jewelry. This energetic cleansing can be a wonderful ritual to let go of old things and draw new strength. Especially in times of upheaval (divorce, the end of a relationship, moving to another city or the turn of the year) are typical occasions for an atmospheric purification and neutralization of energies through a smoking ceremony. After all, you want to have positive, happy energy in your living space and on your things and release the less good energies. By the way, a suitable smoking mixture can be put together for every matter.

So get on with cleaning by smoking:

  • After moving
  • After a clearing out or a big clean-up (best when the room is nice and empty at the moment)
  • After a bad argument
  • After a breakup
  • After illness
  • on furniture / cars / second hand clothes if you have a strange feeling
  • when you need energy for a new project or a fresh start

Nothing new

In almost all cultures smoking was used for religious, spiritual or medicinal purposes - for example to conjure up gods, to free oneself from negative energies, to perform purifications, to say goodbye to deceased people or to achieve higher consciousness. Medicinal plants were also often burned for their antibacterial and disinfecting properties. You see - this kind of purification is not a new esoteric invention, but has been part of our traditions for a very long time.

You need that

There are different methods of smoking - with a lot of esoteric fuss or reduced to the basics. But also the type and the smoking materials used are different.

I'm going to introduce you to three methods and you just choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Variant 1: Smoking with chopsticks - the entry-level variant

For this you need:

Incense sticks are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths, scents and designs - from classy to basic. They traditionally consist of herbs and flowers and are still mostly rolled by hand to this day. Originally, the chopsticks were lit for religious or solemn occasions.

Instructions for cleaning with incense sticks

Incense holders are perfect for energetic house cleaning with incense sticks. I've already tried a few things, but with other mounts the ashes always end up somewhere - just not where they should fall. Put the stick in the holder and light it carefully at the tip until it glows slightly and smoke rises. Warning: the incense stick is not a candle! There should be no flame. Weave them gently. You may need to re-ignite the stick after a while.

What kind of incense sticks you use is entirely up to you and your personal taste. However, there are incense sticks made specifically for cleaning:

In any case, it is important that they are of good quality and that they have a cleansing effect. Palo Santo is well suited: a wooden, cleansing scent or white sage: a spicy, cleansing scent.

Variant 2: Smoking with charcoal & smoking mixture

For this you need:

  • Incense Charcoal
  • Incense sand
  • Incense bowl
  • Incense Mixture

Incense mixes are the most flexible type of house cleaning, as they can be mixed in very different ways and used depending on your mood or goal. They consist of herbs, woods and resins, so that a very powerful smoke with a great scent can develop. Which smoking mixture you use can be put together very personally.

If you have a little idea, then you can put together your own mixes for the smoking ritual. About 25 grams of a smoking mixture are required for 100 square meters. But pay attention to whether you have an allergy or sensitive airways - then you should wear a protective mask during the smoking process to be on the safe side.

Instructions for cleaning with incense mixtures

To smoke out your apartment with an incense mixture, you need fire sand, coal and a fire-proof container:

  • Put the sand in your censer, light the charcoal tablets in tongs and place them on the sand, and wait for white ash to form on their surface.
  • After approx. 5 minutes, the coal has glowed through (recognizable by the white layer of ash.
  • Now the mixture can be sprinkled on the charcoal.
  • The smoked herbs must not burn completely, but only lightly glow, otherwise an unpleasant smell of burning arises.
  • Push plant residues off the charcoal after they have smoldered and put on new incense.
  • Since the smoke mixture on the small pieces of coal reduces the oxygen supply, the coals should alternately be pushed to the edge so that they can glow through again - otherwise they will go out very quickly!
  • Always make sure that there is enough sand in the container, as the glowing coals can generate considerable heat.
  • And finally: let the coals in the vessel burn up completely under supervision and only throw away cold coals!

Variant 3: Smoking white sage (SAGE)

For this you need:

White sage

"Smudging" means smoking with dried white sage. The sage is dried in a small bundle, which brings out an intense fragrance and thick smoke.

Instructions for cleaning with white sage

Carefully ignite the sage at one end until it glows (it must not burn, as always) and fine white smoke rises. You can throw out a flame that has arisen.

By the way, there are many other smoking options for cleaning by smoking with small incense cones, spirals, cords and also with Palo Santo, holy wood.

Now it finally starts: cleaning rooms by smoking

No matter which method you have chosen - now it is finally smoked!

The cleaning ritual begins with cleaning and tidying up the room - maybe even with a mucking out action so that the new good energy can flow well.

Now open a door in the room - all the others and the windows will be locked before smoking. Now it's best to put your smoking utensils ready in the middle of the room. Perhaps you would like to go inside yourself for a moment and ask for success.

Cleaning by smoking: Always nice anti-clockwise

Now you go in front of the room door and then enter the room with the lighted smoked food again counter-clockwise - so you turn to the right. And now you swing your censer or the sage several times in all corners. Also open cupboards and drawers, swivel under furniture and into the smallest corners. Move the piece of incense in a circular motion over the door frame and along the walls. If you prefer incense mixes, you can use a feather to spread the smoke. Always make sure that you really distribute the smoke everywhere. By the way: For proper cleaning, you really have to see a good deal of smoke!

When you have cleaned all the rooms sufficiently, there is still a small esoteric part: ask all negative energies to go now. To do this, open all doors and windows and ventilate really nicely. Then you thank you briefly that the negative energies are now allowed to leave your home.

How often should I smoke?

Once a year, twice a month - it doesn't matter, you can decide when it is necessary again or when too many bad energies have settled. It can be made into a regular ritual or performed purely for relaxation. Just try out what suits you best.

By the way, you will notice the effect of energetic house cleaning immediately. The mood lifts, the thoughts become clearer and all things suddenly fall easier - cool thing, isn't it?

I have listed a few things for you again that I have used:

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Wow, lots of input again! How is it with you? Have you already had experience with smoking or is that esoteric frippery?

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