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Some bands are mercilessly talentless, others just completely irrelevant. These properties are not necessarily linked to one another; many of them disappear at some point.

This is not about these bands.

Rather, it is about those bands that ignite severe attacks of disgust and deep black anger in many listeners, but who at the same time manage, at least in phases, to be represented in the charts and to take home one or the other award.

Of course, when in doubt, nobody wants to be responsible for the success of said bands. You think so this Internet ”, it seems more realistic that people would cut off their ears in rows in Vincent van Gogh style than voluntarily listening to Nickelback.

Then there are the bands that are not too popular in the opposing camp because of their political orientation; So one can assume that fans of Feine Sahne Fischfilet rarely switch to Frei.Wild for a moment, especially since the bands are also antagonistic to each other. Similar band rivalries, which also divide the fan base, exist, for example, between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones or Oasis and Blur.

But where should one go with all this passionate rejection? As always, it makes sense to release the deep black emotions into the depths of the WWW - a good collection point for haters seeking help since 1989.

Even if there is no general way of saying which bands are really hated the most now, here are seven that have become en vogue to hate them even though they are successful. If you want to vote yourself: Here you can let off steam.


The band that obviously does everything to be hated by as many people as possible.

U2 have been playing together with an unchanged crew since 1978 and especially front man Bono (real: Paul David Hewson) is a stumbling block for many, especially because he is constantly interfering in international humanitarian affairs. Some are bothered by the Preacher pathos ”, the others accuse the band of hypocrisy because of their tax-saving model.

In 2018, the band in their native Ireland had a shit storm from anti-abortion opponents because they support the abolition of the abortion ban.

U2 learned how much they split opinions when they forcibly gave away their 2014 album SONGS OF INNOCENCE in the form of an automatic download to 500 million Apple iTunes users. The enthusiasm of the users was limited. The band apologized. Some don't even want U2 for free.


The Chris Martin Band

Is not written just Chris Martin on it, but 101% Chris Martin in it, plus traces of vanilla and an ever-repeating sound.

Would like to be like U2 (when they were still cool).

After two wonderful albums, the downward trend towards insignificant plastic pop junk began.

Have let themselves be bought by commerce and you can hear that.

“The most insufferable band of the decade,” headlined the 2005 New York Times
In 2011 the author Sasha Frere-Jones devoted an entire article to the question of why he doesn't like the band. The answer can more or less be summed up in "Chris Martin". Anyone who has read all of these reasons umpteen times will perhaps enjoy the defense here:

Editor's recommendation


The classic "sellout" band.

The allegations have persisted for years: Metallica came, saw and won. With the four albums KILL ‘EM ALL, RIDE THE LIGHTNING, MASTER OF PUPPETS, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL they created Thrash Metal history. And then ... .. came the worst case. Metallica knowingly and voluntarily surrendered to the mainstream, followed by music that was far less edgy, but easier to hear and, above all, easier to sell. The enthusiasm of their long-standing fans was minimal.

The make-up and finally the cutting of her trademark, her long hair, led to a spontaneous migration of fans. More recently, James Hetfield's attitude towards bear hunting and his appearance at the 2017 Grammys (with Lady Gaga, but without a functioning sound) have pissed off one or two fans. The question of whether Lars Ulrich is actually a great drummer or a catastrophe is also divided the forums - but is still being discussed page by page.

Napster Baby: May 4, 2000 was the day Metallica got stuffy. In any case, this is how many fans saw it, who had downloaded the band's songs on the Napster MP3 exchange - without observing the copyright. Metallica sued Napster and provided a list with the names of more than 300,000 users who had downloaded songs.


Limp Bizkit

Accusation: Zick Terror Deluxe

Red baseball cap + hydrogen-blonde hair and lots of aggro vibes = Limp Bizkits Fred Durst. The posterboy and the flagship Nu Metal band it holds together with over 50 million albums sold. In Spins "2012 List of the 30 Most Hated Bands" made it to number 2 for Limp Bizkit, right behind Milli Vanilli, who didn't sing their own songs ... which is somehow an absolute knockout argument. The reasons for the strong aversion to the band are the eternal internal quarrel, quarrels with everything that is not at 3 in the tree. Another reason? The fans. Whoever thinks Limp Bizkit fans are a disgusting bunch of aggressive bullies: Fred Durst thinks so too. In a 2009 Rolling Stone interview, he said:

"For years I looked into the crowd and saw a bunch of bullies and assholes who tortured me and ruined my life. They were using my music as fuel to torture other people, even dressing like me. The music was being misinterpreted, and the irony affected me and we stepped away. . . I don’t even listen to any type of music that’s like Limp Bizkit at all. "

Forever ago, one might think, in fact Limp Bizkit have still not released their album, which was announced for 2015, but they are going on tour in 2019, tickets are available here.

A deleted tweet from Fred Durst to Donald Trump also provided Twitter for discussion. While some praised Fred Durst's apparently over his Sturm und Drang phase, others accused him of hypocrisy. So everything as always.


The phenomenon

Whoever shouts Nickelback into the forest will reap hatred. If you look around the internet, you might think that Nickelback would eat kittens for breakfast only to produce freshly fortified music that catapults you straight to hell. There are also "scientific" findings attached:

Here are some more milestones:

  • A Canadian police station has threatened drunk road users to punish them for their offense with nickelback music, the Australians went one step further:
  • The free browser plug-in Nickelblock “, recognizes every mention of the Canadians while surfing and keeps them away from the user.
  • In 2011, 55,440 fans signed a petition to prevent Nickelback from performing during a football game. Similar attempts have already been made in Great Britain.
  • In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg also had a joke at Nickelback's expense: In a video showing the digital home assistant Jarvis, he was asked to play some good Nickelback songs. The self-programmed voice computer replied: “I'm sorry, Mark. I can not do that. There are no good Nickelback songs. "

At least Deadpool comes to the aid of the Canadians:

Boy bands

Whether One Direction or the Jonas Brothers, the recipe is always the same and boy band bashing is as old as… boy bands. A nerdy guy (glasses are great, but ties do it too if necessary), a bit of eye candy (like being muscular, rolled up shirt sleeves never hurt, and just not gay) and a bad boy for the extra tension (tattoos: yes, but please don't either too bad). Wonderful recipe, sometimes explodes, but mostly just stands around in the corner and molds at some point. Oh, and One Direction had a song called "Best Song Ever." HAR HAR HAR.

Maroon 5

No political backbone

Even before 2019, Maroon 5 haunted various hate lists. Especially with music critics, the band and especially singer Adam Levine regularly got their fat off. Eternal omnipresence on television, as a judge at They voice or the show starting in May Songland,probably played their part. Your final stumbling block was the appearance at the Super Bowl 2019. The halftime show at the Super Bowl is actually one of the most coveted appearances in the music industry. For 2019, a large number of artists canceled to protest the treatment of quarterback Colin Kaepernick by the NFL. In 2016, he went on his knees during the national anthem to demonstrate against police violence and discrimination. He was released from his club in 2017 and no longer signed by any new club. Maroon 5 played anyway, and that also in Atlanta, the capital of the US state Georgia, which is considered (a) hotbed of hip-hop.

Honorable Mention: Weezer

Only suitable for masochists.

The band that managed to make their fans want to pay money to never make music again. But no chance: Weezers continue to torture happily and also increase their musical output.

One of the younger albums was okay again: You can read the review here.

This list first appeared in March 2019 on musikexpress.de and is updated at irregular intervals.

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