Why did Samson go on to Delilah

Samson and the beautiful Delilah

The story of Samson and Delilah is told in the Old Testament of the Bible. Samson was a strong and handsome man in ancient Israel - known for his gorgeous and long hair. Besides, he was invincible and therefore feared until one day he met Delilah and fell in love ...

But one after anonther. This is how it all started:

Samson was a chosen one of God. He was to become a strong man who God wanted to save Israel and his people. For at that time the Philistines ruled over the Israelites. According to the Bible, the Philistines were sinful and did things that did not please God. So he sent Samson to rescue the Israelites. But God set one condition: Samson's hair should never be cut.

When Samson was a young man, he left home and visited the cities of the Philistines. On his ways he not only fought many of them, but also a strong lion. Word of his extraordinary strength quickly spread among the Philistines, and they began to fear him. Therefore, they made every effort to capture him. But Samson even managed to defeat an entire army of several thousand alone.

Finally, the Philistines tried other ways to solve the mystery of his invincibility. When Samson was traveling to Gaza, he met a beautiful woman named Delilah. He fell in love. And this is exactly where the Philistines saw their chance. They urged Delilah to find out what the secret of Samson's strength was and offered her a lot of money for it. Delilah reached out and tried to find out about Samson.
And Samson, blind with love, said: The reason for his indomitable strength was his hair. If it were cut, it would lose his power. This revelation was Samson's downfall, because Delilah betrayed him to the Philistines and they cut his hair off in his sleep.

The Philistines immediately captured Samson and did not want to release him. But they forgot that his hair would grow back. One day 3,000 Philistines gathered in a hall and brought Samson over to make fun of him. Then he grabbed the two central pillars of the hall and let the building collapse over himself and the 3,000 Philistines. Later it was said that Samson had killed more Philistines with this act, which he himself did not survive, than ever before during his lifetime.

By the way: The story of Samson and Delilah made a great impression on posterity. Many philosophers and artists have dealt with symbolism. One of the most famous paintings shows Samson and Delilah getting his hair cut in his sleep. It was made by Peter Paul Rubens, a well-known artist from the 17th century.