How much is Anderson Cooper worth

Anderson Cooper Net Worth 2020.

Anderson Cooper is a famous gay celebrity icon and well-known American journalist. He is collecting a huge salary from his CNN family. With his programs like Anderson 360, the man ensures a committed personality. Here we will examine details of Anderson Cooper's net worth.

Who is Anderson Cooper? Work highlight

Anderson Hays Cooper is a thirteen-time Emmy Award winner. He is a great American journalist, television personality, and author. He is also known for his anchor role on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 news program. His Ander Cooper 360 program is popular with viewers who are normally broadcast from the New York studio.

However, Anderson Cooper works for the show in the Washington DC studio. He is a passionate and determined personality who is always there for the latest news. In addition, he created the show for 60 minutes. He is known as a news correspondent for ABC and CNN.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth 2020: $ 200M.

The famous journalist earns an annual salary of $ 12 million from CNN. He is a freelancer and makes other fortunes from various companies.

Made up of his traits and his wealth, he is a million dollar man with numerous traits scattered here and there.

According to a recent analysis, Anderson Cooper made a fortune estimated at $ 200 million.

House details

Anderson Cooper has millions of properties in various locations and also abroad.

He owns a creekside cottage in Quiogue for a total of $ 2.599 million. Because of its second lot, it is a cottage-style cottage in the Hamptons suburbs, priced around $ 31.99 million according to market sources, and a Connecticut Tye House with over 50 acres of land.

Anderson Cooper duplex penthouse $ 200 million net worth.

In 2012, Anderson sold the Manhattan duplex penthouse worth approximately $ 3.8 million to build a renovated fire station outside of town. It's a Greenwich Village Firehouse that he converted into the 8,240-square-foot house.

He also bought a converted residential area in the West Village for $ 4.3 million. The house was built around 1906 when Cooper spent over a month renovating the four-story townhouse.

Holiday home.

In addition, wealthy CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper is enjoying a vacation in a house in Brazil that later appeared in Architectural Digest. The holiday home was built and designed by Wilbert Das and is located near the town of Trancoso.

As a result, Cooper lives a lavish lifestyle, often spending his time in lucrative Manhattan apartments costing millions of dollars, moving back and forth to his two Hampton homes.

Car details

Anderson talks about his cars and details and owns two luxury cars to himself while he travels around town. According to some reliable sources, he has offered appropriate investments in his vehicles and owns some of the antique cars of all generations.

It has a black color Aston Martin db5 that's worth about $ 4,698,600. The star also owns an Audi valued between $ 31,000 and $ 115,900.

He likes expensive cars, but right now we only have this information to share with you guys.

Ander Cooper Quick Facts.

Full name:Anderson Hays Cooper
Age:52 years
Job:Journalist, television personality, author
Spouse:Not available
Net worth:$ 200 million


Anderson Cooper is a premier gay celebrity icon in American journalism. The television star earns a massive salary from the CNN family alone.

The thirteen-time Emmy Award winner has a variety of sources relating to other business ventures that comprise his fortune.