What do libertarians think of pedophilia?

Rape in the cemetery: allegations of pedophilia against Michel Foucault

The French philosopher should boys have abused in Tunisia in the late 1960s. Claiming a publicist, front hand on the basis of rumors.

If the allegations were not so serious, one would chuckle over this constellation: A man published a book entitled "Mon dictionnaire du bullshit", and is in the work itself equal to a bizarre story for the best. The Bullshit encyclopedia was published in February in Paris and was written by Guy Sorman, a French-American journalist. The 77-year-old writes in alphabetical order between “Anti-Americanism” and “Stefan Zweig” about all kinds of things and people, but under the heading “Pedophilia” he has planted a small bomb.

Who would really know asks Sorman that Michel Foucault had gone much further than the recent situation due to pedophilia discredited author Gabriel Matzneff. He confess so Sorman on to say that he had seen, as Foucault little boys have bought. In Tunisia Sidi Bou Said the philosopher have night ordered the boy to the cemetery and she sprawled on the grave stones, raped in the moonlight.

Today he accuses himself of having remained silent about Foucault's atrocities - Sorman said in early March on a TV appearance. The spicy book passage initially went unnoticed. But when Sorman was a guest on the TV channel France 5, he brought the topic into play. Foucault had done morally highly reprehensible things, he saw that. And since he knew how Foucault was, he also read the books differently. The uproar was still a long time coming. The moderators contented themselves with the observation that Foucault is usually not associated with pedophilia.

On March 9th, Guy Sorman spoke to France 5 about Foucault's behavior in Tunisia.

A white imperialist

It was only weeks later that the Sunday Times took up the allegations. The last posthumously published volume from Foucault's series "Sexuality and Truth" had appeared in England shortly before, so the philosopher was already being talked about. The Times spoke to Sorman, who added details to his story: he and friends visited Foucault over Easter 1969 in Sidi Bou Saïd, while the French eight-, nine- or ten-year-old boy threw coins and was like a white man Imperialist appeared.

From England the story then began to roll, in recent days it has vexed many, especially not French media. In the "Time" is a second person to Foucault's "colonial" practices, which she claims to have observed in Tunisia expressed: Chantal Charpentier, Sormans former partner, stated for the record that they are "not imagine" want, as Foucault sexually with Jacks was handled in the village - but admitted that it had no evidence of abuse. Sorman its part, said the "time" that he had never seen Foucault himself in the cemetery, the adventures are but at that time was known throughout the Entourage.

Also known however, is that Foucault never lived at Easter 1969 in Tunisia. A two-year teaching assignment he had at the University of Tunis in 1966, has gone in 1968 to end; at the time in question the philosopher was working at the University of Vincennes. Sorman has made a mistake in the date? Or is it just not true what he writes and tells? The magazine "Jeune Afrique" asked around in Sidi Bou Said, pedophilia and cemetery desecration nobody knew there anything to report. Rather, Foucault sometimes met discreetly with 17 or 18-year-olds, says a source. Daniel Defert, Foucault's long-term partner, describes the allegations against the TA media as "grotesque".

equal rights for all

The uproar comes at a time when France is shaken in a regular series of abuse scandals and the left milieu is suspected to have protected pedophilia in the 1970s and 1980s, or even encouraged. Foucault is now quickly embedded in this problematic situation, which is all the easier since the philosopher wrote explicitly on topics such as the Greek love for boys and also took the view that minors are able to give their free consent to sexual acts.

There is no denying that the French society and especially the media must answer questions about the child abuse. The fact that left-wing newspapers published several petitions in the 1970s that questioned the age of consent or demanded reductions in sentences for pedophile offenders should give food for thought today. And the silence or tolerance of pedophilia and incest cases that have occurred in circles of the libertarian intelligentsia for decades should also be addressed.

But with everything it is important to look at things seriously. Unlike the other cases, a victim bringing charges against Foucault, and the accused is aware of the situation can ever explain since 1984 dead. Whether, that is questionable. At any rate, at this point in time, one is dealing with an unsubstantiated and inconsistent suspicion. In his bullshit dictionary, Sorman contradicts himself from one page to the next by writing once that Foucault did not care about the boys' consent and then claiming that the philosopher was under the illusion that his "little ones" were raped Slaves "would have consented to sexual acts.

Of course, Michel Foucault has no other yardstick than any other human being. Pedophile offenses would also condemn decided when one of the most famous philosophers of the 20th century would have committed them. to treat the man like any other, but it must also mean not to convict him based on rumors. There is no reason to evaluate Michel Foucault or his work in the light of an unexamined Moonlight unveiling new.