What makes Goddess Lakshmi angry?

How do you actually celebrate Christmas in India?

Christmas customs in India

“Do people in India also celebrate Christmas?” Leo wants to know. "Yes, with us that means'Bada din'And means' the big day' ", Lalita answers. Only about 2.3 percent of the total Indian population are Christians. But that alone is 28 million people! Therefore, Christmas is an official holiday in India.

“Are you also decorating a Christmas tree there?” Leo asks curiously. Lalita's family visits their grandparents in India every Christmas. “Yes, but my grandparents don't decorate a fir tree, they decorate a mango tree or a banana tree. And they hang colorful fairy lights on the outside of the house, ”Lalita replies.

On December 24th, Christmas will be heralded in India with a midnight mass. Then people wish a Merry Christmas. "The whole family gathers for dinner on Christmas Day," explains Lalita. "We then sit outside at a large table." That works because India is warm all year round. To eat there is mostly curry rice, vegetables and meat dishes.

“And in the evening we make a big campfire. I always look forward to that the most! ”Says Lalita with a laugh. “My grandma gives my grandpa the same present every year: a lemon.” In India, the lemon is given to the head of the family as a token of admiration.

The festival of lights

“Most Indians don't celebrate Christmas because they are Hindus. Instead, they celebrate the Festival of Lights in November, ”Lalita continues. "Hinduism is an Indian religion in which people believe in rebirth and an eternally living soul."

The festival of lights is called "Diwali" and lasts four days. Small oil lamps and candles are placed in the windows and on the roofs everywhere. With this, the people show the goddess of happiness the way to their homes. According to an old legend, brings the goddess Lakshmi happiness only to the people who have adorned their houses with lights. That is why many Indians buy an extra lottery ticket that day. After all, luck beckons them! The other days are entirely dedicated to the family. You eat together and the children get presents.