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Katerina Jacob: Canadians laughed uproariously at Corona demos in Germany

Actress Katerina Jacob, known from "Der Bulle von Tölz", finds clear words about the different ways of dealing with the corona pandemic in Germany and her adopted home Canada.

Actress Katerina Jacob, who has long been a co-star of the hit series "Der Bulle von Tölz", has both German and Canadian citizenship. She noticed how the two countries differ, especially when dealing with the coronavirus - for example with a view to the demonstrations against the pandemic measures in Berlin: "The Canadians laughed uproariously at the Germans. They asked themselves what they were actually demonstrating for." said the 62-year-old in an interview with the teleschau news agency.

"And then the theaters are closed again because of such idiots - which for me is the much bigger break in freedom," Jacob continued. The Bavarian-born observation: "In Germany I sometimes have the feeling that I am surrounded by egoists." The actress also spoke plainly on the subject of conspiracy theories and masks: "When I hear conspiracy theories on the subject of Bill Gates from intelligent people," then I ask myself: God, how long do you have the mask on during the day? You can put them on for shopping ... "Jacob, who has enjoyed success with books about Canada in the last few years, has a clear stance:" It's very clear to me, as well as to Canadians: We don't do that for us, but for the others. We help!"

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According to the actress, the fact that she shows a clear edge on her Facebook profile and also with regard to other topics has not only positive consequences: "There were insults, even death threats. But I cracked down on a couple of times. This makes my blog a very civilized one Sound, "said Jacob. She demands: "You have to face these trolls." She could endure it herself: "It goes past me personally, as they call me. I'm an actress, 90 percent of our profession is criticism. But they don't stop at me. It also reaches young girls who can't handle it ".

Most of the time, "these guys hid behind the computer. If you ask back and say: 'At least show your face,' then they'll be very cowardly and meek," reports Jacob, who, according to her own admission, reads every single online comment: "I have even received letters of apology! ". But it is worth the effort for her: "If I just get one person to rethink, then it's worth it."

On Friday, October 9th, Katerina Jacob can be seen in the ARD best-ager comedy "Anna and her subtenant" (8:15 pm).

Source: teleschau - der mediendienst GmbH