What is a film genre

Movies by genre

Whether a real film pearl or a big blockbuster that feels like the whole country is talking about: Kinoundco.de presents films from all genres and the right thing for every taste, divided into the following categories:


Action films that are well worth seeing offer the perfect mix of blatant stunts, fat explosions, violent fights, merciless shootouts and spectacular car chases.


Huge spaceships, distant planets and galaxies, hostile moons, intelligent robots and deadly aliens. Hardly anything in the cinema is as fascinating as looking into a possible future of humanity.


The dark cinema is perfect for creatures of the night, vampires, revenants, serial killers and the unspeakable evil.


Dragons, wizards, elves, dwarves, orcs and, last but not least, hobbits: the classic fantasy film is full of beings that do not exist in reality and who fight, bewitch or fall in love in mostly invented worlds.


Not everyone laughs at the same thing because humor is like taste - it can be argued about. The cinema offers something for every type of humor: slapstick, rough jokes, laughing at or compassion - laughter is the most beautiful vehicle for all human feelings.


Tension: not knowing what is happening, really wanting to know, having a vague idea that shouldn't come true, please! The masters of their trade know exactly how to make the spectator's heart beat up to their necks and let them sink deep into their seat, their fingernails clenched in the armrest.


Whether drawn or kneaded, with paper cutouts or computer figures in 2D or 3D: If the real world is not filmed with real actors, but every single picture is created by hand or on the computer, then we enjoy the almost unlimited world of animation films in the cinema. More has always been possible here than in the real world. And it is by far not only there for children.


A good drama puts you in a good mood! The understanding of the Greek inventors can thus be described as the oldest of all genres. Because whoever gets involved in the soul life of others achieves "catharsis", a purification of the soul and frees himself from his own as well as foreign psychological conflicts. Like no other art form, cinema is able to make human fate palpable and enables people to experience life stories.


The myth lives! The conquest of the American "Wild" West in the 19th century has an impact on every German childhood as a "Cowboy and Indian" game - and even more so on German cinema screens.


Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll - and that on the big screen with a fat sound system: When cinema celebrates the related art form of music, the best entertainment is guaranteed.


Seeing the truth and not as the truth: Documentaries are the only films that do not tell made-up or at least dramatized stories. Instead, they show us the reality in which we all live without make-up.