Which is the best home ice machine

How Much Overflow will I Get with a Compressorless Home Ice Cream Maker?

I have a 1.5 qt cuisinart pre-frozen bowl ice maker.

I didn't specifically measure it, but looking at it I would say my overflow is 50-75%. I know this is a wide range, but it seems to change depending on the recipe, supplements, and how long I let it expire.

My ice cream machine has been working well for 3 years and I recommend it.

I suspect your immediate melting problem is freezing the mixture on a flat surface that has too much surface area when you scrape it off. In the serious attempt at eating, ice cube trays were used to alleviate this problem.

Personally, I haven't done any experiments to reduce overflow because I like overflow. The air makes a nice buffer that makes the product melt more slowly, gives a smoother texture, and makes it easier to taste additional flavors.

It also makes the ice cream less rich so I can eat more of it.


I have a very similar manufacturer and my experience is very similar: overflow depends on the recipe and the running time. By the way, you might also want to read Ben & Jerry's homemade ice cream and dessert book. "It has some good information on" ice theory "as well as some recipes.