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Arabic mannersRules of conduct for Arab countries

wash your hands

You wash your hands before and after eating. This purification is very important in many Arab countries and is part of the ritual feast.

Avoid using the left hand

The left hand is considered unclean in the Arab world because it is used for toilet hygiene. Therefore, never eat with your left hand or pass things with your left hand. If you are left-handed, you can tell someone you trust that the left hand is your "pure" hand.

Eat with three fingers

Usually in Arab countries you eat with only three fingers. For example, a Maghreb proverb says: "The devil eats with one finger and only the greedy with four or five fingers."

Pay attention to the posture when sitting

When sitting, you should make sure that the sole of your foot is not stretched out towards your host. This can be a gross insult, after all, you walk with your feet in the dirt.

Sneeze into your left hand

You should always use your left hand when sneezing, as the right is your “clean” hand.

Say goodbye quickly after dinner

When the meal is over, a polite guest usually withdraws quickly. A repeated request from the host that you can stay is usually only part of the Arabic host ritual and less the actual wish for your continued presence.