What is the limit of the sky

by Stephan Kinkele

A historical novel about love, magic and betrayal in oriental Greece in the early 19th century
The young seer Vasiliki escaped the shamanic tradition of her aunt in 1812 in order to lead a Christian life. But instead of marrying as promised, she ends up in the harem of the cruel Ali Paschá, who with the help of dark forces wants to drive Christians and Muslims into hatred, war and death. The further Vasiliki penetrates into the past and the labyrinth of the ruler's secrets, the more clearly she recognizes the entanglement of her own clan in a danger that affects both Christians and Muslims: it is about the power of the jinn, whom God gave a chance to if they prove the moral reprehensibility of man. At the risk of her life, Vasiliki has to learn that every religion has a dark side, against whose power only mercy can help ...

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Shy rose

My opinion and conclusion:

Stephan Kinkele presents a visually stunning book about events of the early 19th century with “Die Grenz des Himmels”. Struggle of religions for supremacy. I was only partially aware that life at that time was determined by legends and superstitions. World full of miracles, ghosts, jinns and demons, a world like 1001 nights.

The author is good at handling words and underlines the story with one

pictorial language ....

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