What do Marvel fans think of Ultron


Avengers - Age of Ultron With the action spectacle 'Marvel's Avengers', Marvel brought one of the most entertaining and funniest popcorn actioners of all time to the screen with Joss Whedon as director. The franchise built with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk & Captain America culminated there in its absolute climax. It was like a class reunion among friends who just wanted to have fun. Everyone had their glamorous moments, you had fights but in the end you were happy and had a lot of fun. The second phase of Marvel ended in Avengers - Age of Ultron, which does a lot of things just like Whedon's first work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a class reunion of good friends, where everyone is in the spotlight and can present themselves. After great films like Captain America: Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy, the bar was damn high, but Marvel fans shouldn't be disappointed, because we can expect even more fun than the first Avengers flick. Even more cool heroes, even more nasty opponents. After the Avengers discovered and destroyed several Hydra hideouts together, they found Loki's scepter. Using the technology available there, Tony Stark & ​​Dr. Bruce Banner finds a way to use artificial intelligence to protect humanity. It went wrong and Ultron was created. Now the Avengers have a powerful and intelligent opponent who tries to destroy the Avengers with the help of two Hydra experiments (Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver) and to give the world its 'peace'. Whedon has once again managed to give the many main characters enough time to shine. Each of the heroes has their moment, everyone is in focus. The film not only manages to give the existing group enough time, it also introduces many new characters that don't miss out. So the twins have many great moments in which they can show what they can do. This also applies to returnees Samuel L. Jackson or Cobie Smulders. While the stories of some heroes are shed light on (Hawkeye, Black Widow), others get a little push towards the future. (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor) Marvel manages to keep the characters interesting, but gives them more options and more background. Hawkeye as an example, in the first film still a puppet, here a true leader with many strong moments. I don't want to reveal too much for people who are still watching the film, but Civil War is strongly hinted at in some scenes. The friction between Stark & ​​Rogers is palpable, but the film has something familiar about it. The chemistry between the actors is great and is totally carried over to the film. Whedon's direction is great. He manages to put every actor in the limelight, to bring every joke on point without making it look ridiculous or inappropriate. All the locations are also used perfectly, staged in an outstanding visual manner, and the constant changes in locations always have a coherent effect in the context of the story. Whedon even managed to top the first film in my opinion. He showed the Avengers as a team and it worked great. He did a great job of adding new characters without making it look inappropriate or forced. Some quieter scenes can also be found in the film. These are great filmed and acted out, fit in perfectly. Every level of conversation was hit perfectly here. Be it the humor, the action or the emotional and quieter moments. Great performance from Whedon. The effects in the film are always top notch. There you get a lot to offer visually. One of the highlights is certainly the Hulkbuster fight. It's amazing how well Marvel's plan for strong continuity has worked so far. Everything seems coherent, but even if the viewer is not paying attention, they always get everything and can follow the story without any problems. It is told quite simply, but has a critical undertone. Of course, it is not extremely complex or heavily integrated into the film, but it is there and currently ubiquitous. Artificial intelligence is a dangerous thing that shouldn't be underestimated. The Avengers now know that too. The soundtrack is also fitting and well adapted to the film. So we get to hear a lot of topics from the previous phase 2 films that belong to the respective character. This means that there is a certain familiarity right away, but regardless of that, the rest of Soudntrack is great too. The film itself has a fast pace, which is good for the whole thing. The 142 minutes fly by. Whedon manages to show the heroes as a team, to insert new characters in a meaningful way and at the same time to whip the story forward without neglecting anything or anyone. Avengers - Age of Ultron is a visual delight that makes Marvel fans' hearts beat faster. You have strong heroes, cool newbies and a damn good villain. Ultron is so multifaceted and complex that he's not just any bad guy. He is something special, which is also evident in the film. I can't blame the film for anything synchro-technically speaking, because everything was done right there. (except for the word 'avengen') I can't even criticize Ultron, who sounded damn impressive in the original. It is spoken well, seems threatening, but sometimes also crazy but in the end just totally human. That is also what makes the figure so exciting. It's not a mere villain, not a clear black or white. Ultron may be an AI, but there is something totally human about it, which makes the character very interesting. This was implemented wonderfully in the film. In the end I have to say that this film is a real popcorn cracker, like the first film. The newcomers leave a very lasting, positive impression and the locations, the soundtrack and the performance of the actors are perfect. I just didn't like 'taking out' a figure at all. I hope that something will be started again and that this will not be left as it is. As a big Marvel fan, I was very entertained, had a lot to laugh about, and was tense because the film itself was very serious, but still had a great part of humor that always sparked. You didn't know where the whole thing was going, who would survive or who would not. The film managed this balance perfectly for me. After Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy & Avengers - Age of Ultron, Marvel will have a hard time maintaining this level, despite high-class projects that have been announced. I can only get two thumbs up for Avengers. 9/10 The perfect popocorn action film.