How to clean leakage of battery acid

Battery leaked - clean the device properly afterwards

A device can be cleaned of leaked battery acid with diluted vinegar. (Photo by: Klaus Eppele /

Leaked battery: this must be done

Hardly any device is coming today without batteries out. So there is a great risk that one of these will expire.

This is not a problem, however, because typical ingredients such as ammonium chloride and potassium carbonate contain hardly any health risksas long as you don't wipe it in your eyes or ingest it;)

Nevertheless, you should thoroughly check the wash your hands.

Plus, it's not difficult to find that To remove battery acid from devices:

  • Even if the leaked battery is quite harmless, you should wear gloves for your own protection.
  • Then it is sufficient to wipe the battery compartment with a damp cloth.
  • If the battery acid touches the contacts, you can roughly clean the crust with your fingers or a pointed object.
  • Then you should mix the contacts with vinegar and water (or alcohol or alcohol cleaner), treat with a cotton swab, let it work for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Info: If the battery fluid has already penetrated the device through the housing, you should dispose of the device or have it examined by a specialist.

Tips to prevent leakage

So cleaning the battery compartment is not a big problem. However, it is always better to prevent leakage in the first place.

  • This is achieved by storing devices that are rarely used without batteries.
  • The Batteries will ideally stored in a cool, dry place, because they last much longer there than in warm rooms.
  • If you are not going to use a device for a long time, remove the batteries or mask off the contacts.

If, despite all the measures taken, the batteries should leak and damage the device, it may make sense to contact a specialist. Just when special batteries leak, it is advisable to keep your fingers off the battery acid, as toxic or flammable substances may escape.

Important: Whether a battery has leaked or not - you are allowed to not in the household waste or residual waste, but must be handed in at collection points. You can often find such battery collection boxes at various electrical or supermarkets.

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