How am I supposed to confront my roommate

In general, women don't like confrontation and try to avoid it. It is of course angry and dissatisfied with such a violation of your personal space and the respect it shows you. This is your bed In your room. Tell her exactly what it is like that you don't appreciate her showing this kind of disrespect and completely ignoring how you feel when you get home to find that you don't have a place to sleep.

You can put up with a lot with what she wants to sacrifice your own time and energy, both at the expense of YOUR HAPPINESS. Not only does she not apologize, she doesn't even consider you to be someone to think about by leaving you nowhere to sleep at home. It is not your job to push people out of your bed.

She is not your girlfriend. She's not even a decent person. Don't be afraid of her. Either you move to a nicer place by finding someone at your university, or someone interested in moving to a new place, or she packs her bags and finds a new place to live.

They are not compatible. Don't adjust to their reckless behavior because your future is much better than yours ever will be. Find someone who will compliment you and make you the best version of yourself. You will live a much happier life standing up for yourself and finding someone to live with who is more personal to you.

You deserve it, so don't be afraid to defend yourself. Confront her and since she is likely to be offended and unwilling to change or understand where you are from, find another place to live in your time outside of her. with someone to compliment you or replace you if you can kick them out once you've found someone who is a better fit for you and shares your values.