What does belief mean to you


This April is my five year anniversary - I am celebrating my re-entry into the Catholic Church and my confirmation. A special day for me, because for a long time I couldn't imagine daring the adventure of faith and religion again. As a child it was a matter of course for me, but then I had many questions that remained unanswered for a long time, so I looked for answers myself that I found outside the church, so the existence of God seemed very unlikely to me.

Still, there was always a longing, and when I saw a poster for the Wuppertal Fides Agency, I thought I could try again, even if this first step was very uncomfortable in many ways.


I had two great teachers, one showed me faith from the side of the mind and the other from the side of the heart. I am still very grateful today for these encounters, because they showed me what faith is all about for me today: even if I still do not understand a lot, I should keep it in my heart like Mary did. A pure faith without reason would be naive and fragile for me. Faith is still difficult for me at times and many things irritate me.


Faith and doubt belong together in my life, sometimes I wish it were different and I long for an absolute trust and an absolute security that others seem to have. But the relationship with God is just like any other, it differs from person to person, changes and has to be cultivated in good and bad times.



Christiane Böhmer