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Look at the best Autoblogger Instagram photos

With Instagram, there is now also a great community for auto content. Every Motoreport test car also ends up in the stream @motoreport_, the more beautiful, the more often. There is even an Instagram driving report about the Audi S5. Almost all autobloggers use the app - so it's time to think outside the box and choose the best shots from the car bloggers on Instagram. A total of 16 bloggers took part in this campaign.

I've looked at the last few months for 15 car blogger channels and selected what I think was the most beautiful picture - not necessarily depending on the car shown. All of the streams mentioned here are recommended anyway - because almost everyone has their own style and focus on content.

Jan Gleitsmann: fredericken.com

It starts with Jan Gleitsmann (log42). Well, this is perhaps not a classic Instagram picture, as Instagram basically contains (should contain?) More mobile phone photos and the car-to-car image of the autonomous Audi was probably taken with a reflex. Overall, Jans Stream is one of my favorites, especially his car photos on Autogeil and Fredericken look great even without much editing and are always worth a look.


Jens Stratmann: rad-ab.com

In Jens Stratmann's stream, old and new cars can be found regularly, photos of his reference brands Cola and Vapiano. A particularly nice, high-horsepower picture was taken on a US road trip: A number of Mercedes S63 AMGs in American design that are waiting to be driven.


Lisa: hyyperlic.com

In Lisa's Instagram stream, both brand new vehicles from driving shows as well as super sports cars or (exotic) classic cars appear. Like this Renault 4 that you picked up on the way to the Le Mans 24-hour race. The car topic has now moved from her original blog TheCarAddict to the lifestyle blog Hyyperlic.

Benny: Bimmertoday

As the name suggests, Benny von Bimmertoday is all about the BMW brand, especially attractive, fast BMWs. Particularly dynamic: this M235i on the racetrack.

Sebastian Bauer: passiondriving

With Sebastian Bauer from passiondriving, too, the focus is more on sporty cars, preferably on the racetrack. Or his test tracks on the doorstep: The Alps, which here serve as a backdrop and beautiful contrast to his privately driven Lotus Elise.

Thomas Gigold: autokarma.de

Thomas Gigold's Instagrams are always particularly nice to look at. There aren't many photos in the stream without a car. A BMW M4 in the Eiffel would also be the most beautiful car photo, but then an older one made driving even more enjoyable: An icy-old road towards Finland, photographed on the Mazda Cape to Cape Tour.

Nicole: Autodiva.de

Nicole also has lots of photos from a wide variety of car events. But the new Passat on the Costa Smeralda awakens a special travel and driving mood:


Mikhail Bievetskiy: Newcarz

Mikhail's Instagram Stream offers such exclusive content that it even has the -official tag in its name. So there are a lot of expensive cars and locations included. On a test drive around Valencia, he caught the right moment for a photo of a Volvo XC60:



Stefan Maaß: Autophoria

In addition to tasty US food, American cars are not neglected in Stefan's Instagram channel. Like the brand new Cadillac Escalade that he was out and about in the States for a few days.

Oli Walther: der-auto-blogger.de

There is also a lot of content at Oli Walther. He posts test cars, press photos as well as good-looking photos of the racetrack. In winter, like me, he was out and about in the Alps with the powerful Volvo XC60 T6:

Daniel Bönnighausen: saving-volt.de

Daniel's channel is another recommendation for anyone looking for special car content: He is one of the few (car) bloggers who specialize in electromobility. In addition to his own blog saving-volt.de, he also writes for Autophorie. Of course, you rarely get the Nissan Leaf Nismo in front of the camera!


Mario von Berg: autoaid.de

From Mario's Instagrams of recent times, the one I like best is this Audi A7 Heck. Not only because it is probably the most beautiful Audi, but because in Mario's Stream there are always details to be seen from the inside or outside that are simply missing in most advertising or press images.