How does LED flash affect plant growth?

i @ home LED pendant light »Plant growth light Improved COB double chip decorative lights, 1000W«

Adjustable wavelength:

The improved BONLOE COB plant growth lamp controls the wavelength of the light using a button, and the 0% -100% button controls red, blue light and brightness. With the COB plant growth lamp, plants absorb the most suitable light waves in different growth stages.

The latest upgrade design:

BONLOE LED grow lights use the latest COB integration technology to effectively improve color uniformity, luminosity and lifespan. Each lamp bead uses a double chip, which is brighter than a traditional single chip and has sufficient power.

Full spectrum:

COB grow lights contain lots of red and blue lights as well as some UV and IR light that mimics natural sunlight and provides everything a plant needs. All the flowers in the room can be used, it is a multifunctional LED plant growth lamp.

Powerful cooling system:

Built-in, upgraded, high quality fan, aluminum cooler and aircraft grade iron case with high thermal conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat from the inside of the lamp to the outside to ensure the incandescent lamp itself is cool and maximize light life.

It has the advantages of super brightness, low heat generation and low power consumption. It can be used for gardening, family growth, sowing or greenhouse planting.


  • For indoor use only, not waterproof, do not use in dripping or damp places.
  • Extremely bright, don't look directly.
  • The working environment is -20 ~ 40 ° C and the relative humidity is 45 ~ 90%.
  • To protect the light, disconnect the power supply if lightning strikes.

Maintenance recommendations LED

  • Lamp work No more than 16 hours a day
  • To save energy, please turn off the power supply if you will not be using the lamp for a long period of time.
  • Do not touch or move when the light is working.