What happened to Shaun Cassidy

Greg Brady is 60! Here are 7 70s heartbeats, then and now

Barry Williams, who will forever be Greg “Johnny Bravo” Brady, to the now 70-year-old kids who beat him back, turns 60 on Tuesday.

To put that into perspective, in just a year he will be as old as Vincent Price when he played the creepy paranoid archaeologist who held the "Brady Bunch" boys hostage in Hawaii. But aging is only natural, and as the Bradys sang, "When it's time to change, you need to rearrange."

Now we have to admit: Williams hasn't really rearranged himself. Just look at how similar he still is to young Barry, with a full head of dark curls, sparkling blue eyes and exactly the same friendly smile. We could still have a little crush.

Here's a look at six teenage idols from the 1970s, then and now.

Shaun Cassidy
If you met him on a Monday and your heart stood still, chances are good his name wasn't Bill but Shaun. In addition to being a singer (his cover of Da Doo Ron Ron hit number 1 in 1977), Shaun Cassidy played feathered Joe Hardy to Parker Stevenson's brother Frank in The Hardy Boys Mysteries. (And he wore some mighty tight pants - just look at this photo.) He also has a great Hollywood pedigree: his mother is Shirley Jones, aka Mrs. Partridge in "The Partridge Family," and his half-brother David played her son Keith.

Leif Garrett
Leif Garrett was as familiar to schoolgirls of 1970 as Justin Bieber is today. His limp, messy mane of hair got him on the cover of every teen magazine, and songs like 1979 "I Was Made For Dancin" helped too. He's battled various legal issues and drug arrests over the past few years, but he only referred that name to a specific group of women in their 40s and kept an eye out for that spark of recognition.

Erik Estrada
Book it, ponch! Larry Wilcox's Jon Baker was the tight-laced cowboy guy, but Frank “Ponch” Poncherello was the “CHiPs” patrolman who had 100 fans in a 55 mph zone. His dark, good looks and rebellious nature had any college student who longed to be drawn to him, and he was named one of People’s 10 Sexiest Bachelors in 1979.

David Cassidy
You were either a David Cassidy girl or a Shaun Cassidy girl, or maybe you saw the roll call from both. Shaun had the more boyish face and lighter hair while David wore darker curls, and served as the dream's all older brother as Keith Partridge on "The Partridge Family." The two Cassidys were half brothers and shared their father, Jack Cassidy, but things were a little mixed up because Shaun's real mother, Shirley Jones, played David's mother on "Partridge". And the seventies girls screamed "I think I love you" just as their older sisters screamed by "I want to hold your hand".

Donny Osmond
His sister Marie was a bit of a country, but Donny Osmond himself was a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. Not Hard Rock, mind you - he mostly stuck to soft gum songs like “Puppy Love” - but the audience didn't mind. They were too busy falling into childhood love with Donny himself, by far the cutest and most personable of the nine Osmond kids. And not only was he a lightning bolt in the teenage idol pan, Donny later wowed audiences on Broadway with “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and won season 9 of “Dancing With the Stars”.

Robby Benson
How many girls in their seventies learned basketball or ice skating thanks to the role of dark haired Robby Benson in “One on One” and “Ice Castles”? Yes, more than a few. Benson was also tossed around Tallahatchie Bridge in the movie version of “Ode to Billy Joe” and starred as Danny Saunders in the movie version of Chaim Potok's “The Chosen”. But younger generations may know his voice better than his face: Benson voiced The Beast in 1991 in the Disney blockbuster “Beauty and the Beast”. Judging from recent recordings, he lets his hair, once cropped close, hang down like that of his famous cartoon.

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