How many marketplaces are there in Greece?

Greece: E-commerce defies the crisis and other international news

Greece is going through tough times. Nonetheless, according to the E-Commerce Magazine, e-commerce has seen a sales increase of 480% in the last 5 years. The main winners are tour operators who jumped from third to first place. Clothing and shoes also improved from 10th to 5th. The preferred method of payment is still cash on delivery.

It is also noteworthy that 61% of the orders were placed in foreign web shops. In addition, half of the customers who prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores previously found out about prices on the Internet.

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Ogone recorded sales growth of 35.4 percent in 2012

The international payment service provider Ogone achieved a 35.4% increase in sales. Since a similar result is expected for 2013, the company, which has so far mainly been active in Europe, is now also moving towards the USA and India.

As a leading player in e-commerce, Ogone plans to develop new solutions in the areas of fraud prevention and financial services. Ogon’s developments and its own e-money license should also take into account the increasing use of mobile services.

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Netherlands: New sales page for physical furniture stores offers furniture stores a sales platform for their e-commerce ambitions. Most of the furniture in the shop is in the middle and upper price range. For each item searched for, the customer is given the opportunity to choose between the stores. Micatuca strives for a balanced relationship between small dealers and large suppliers in order to be able to offer the widest possible range of products.

However, Micatuca is not the first company with this idea and thus competes with existing companies such as or home24.

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Portugal: potential of multi-channel marketing reports that e-goi, a Portuguese service provider in multi-channel marketing, increased its sales by an average of 200% compared to 2011. CEO Miguel Gonçalves named the improvement of the service and the integration of external software as reasons for the increasing turnover. He particularly emphasized Magento, as this enables the automation of all communication channels.
Since e-goi is not only focused on the areas of social media and e-mail, the company successfully stands out from its competition, says Gonçalves.
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Austria: Etailers go against Media-Saturn

Due to the suspicion of illegal price fixing between Saturn, Media-Markt and Philips, online retailers complained massively, according to The federal competition authority then intervened and searched various branches. The online retailers were puzzled when they were no longer supplied by Philips.

35% of the entire turnover of the Media-Saturn group is generated in Austria. Only online retailers ensure competition and represent competition that, according to the competition authority, is being tricked by the Media-Saturn Group.

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France: Legal uncertainties regarding Twitter

The internet continues to create legal confusion in France. According to, a French court has now asked Twitter to provide user data because it published racist messages. But can a company that is based in the U.S.A. but operates in France be prosecuted easily? The US recently arrested cyber thieves from Eastern Europe with the help of their home countries. Since racist statements are punishable in France, a conviction should also be possible in this case, says Professor Karl Manheim.
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UK: Demand for 4G is still very low

According to a study by CBR, 90% of British people would not switch to 4G at the moment. 60% say they do not want to use 4G if it is more expensive. In addition, 71% did not know their current data transmission, while 25% had no knowledge of having access to 3G at all. In order to successfully establish 4G technology, all the advantages and possibilities that 4G offers must be communicated, according to Virgin Media. In November 2012, Ofcom announced that it was already working on 5G. For the year 2030, 80-fold traffic to data from smartphones is predicted.

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