What makes a great social media post

5 basic tips for a successful social media post

Social media platforms offer you as a company the opportunity to publish content for different target groups. Basically, a social media post is successful when the target group perceives it. In order for a post to be successful, there are a few rules that can be observed for all platforms.

In this blog article you will learn 5 basic tips for successful social media posting.

Tip 1: relevant content

The most important criterion for a successful social media post is content (English content). When creating a posting, it must always be taken into account whether the content relevant for the reader is.

Offer the user high quality content increases the chance that your post will be commented on and shared, and thus yours Range is increased. Relevant content is characterized when the user is informed or to chat feels. A contribution can also consist of a split thematically appropriate contribution that you support with your own opinion.

Tip 2: High quality pictures and videos

Users scroll through the news feed on social media platforms several times a day and stop scrolling when something is theirs attention excited: With the global overstimulation in the media, pull mainly images the most interest and are more often commented and shared than a pure text posting.

Also thematically appropriate Videos can achieve a greater reach in addition to images, as they bring liveliness to the content and thus address the target group more strongly.

Pictures and videos need to appealing be designed, a good one quality have, fit and support the content. A uniform Imagery (Color scheme, typeface) is important so that the posting evokes a recognition effect for the user.

Purchased images must be avoided, otherwise the user gets the impression that the content was not created individually for him. Imagine if your competitor published the same picture as you. Investing in time and money for self-produced pictures definitely worth it!


Tip 3: Adaptation to the respective platform

The content must be for the respective platform individually prepared because every social media platform differs in terms of post specifications and image formats.

For Instagram and Pinterest, for example, a concise picture and a short text, supplemented by the appropriate hashtags, are suitable. On these platforms, the focus of communication is on the images and the text moves into the background. Twitter and Facebook, on the other hand, accept a longer text.

If you use different platforms as a company or brand, the content should be individual optimized become. It makes sense to have different content on different platforms to publish, because it also has a higher Range can be achieved.

Tip 4: suitable hashtags

Platforms like Instagram or Twitter work mostly through Hashtags (the # Keyword with the hash) to add content categorize, and to make it easier for the user to find articles on a specific topic.

In addition to general hashtags, there are also those with current discussions are linked (e.g. #metoo, #icebucketchallenge). By the use of contribution-relevant Hashtags, anyone who searches for this hashtag can also find your post. The use of several matchingHashtags usually solves a higher interaction out.

Hashtags may not be used indiscriminately, but must carefully considered be because they have a significant impact on the Range and visibility of posting. Hashtags must above all fit the topic thematically to the post and the meaning of the word should remain recognizable, e.g. Posting about lunch - correct: #lunchtime #food, incorrect: #monday #motivation.

Tip 5: correct timing

For every target group there is an ideal time when posts reach the most users. A younger target group can per day more often can be achieved as business peoplewhich is more in the lunch break and in the Evening hours are active.

Social media platforms offer this statistics for different target groups; these data should be taken into account when publishing.


Although every social media platform has different requirements, they combine them same basicswhich lead to a successful social media posting.
In summary it can be said that a relevant content is crucial for all social media platforms and the interaction of in-house produced and external but thematically appropriate content represents a good mix for the user. Also the right time of posting is crucial in order to reach as many users in the target group as possible. For example, imagine you post a great post and nobody sees it.

Advice and support from a professional agency can be helpful when choosing the right platform for your company and also when creating the post.