Who invented asthma inhalers

The asthma inhaler: the name. List of the best inhalers for asthma

One of the most serious chronic diseases, poisoning the lives of millions of people around the world, is bronchial asthma. It affects both adults and children. Asthma is characterized by the fact that chronic inflammation causes severe bronchial sensitivity. And in the presence of provoking factors, their spasm arises, during which the person feels choked. The bronchial asthma attacks are very dangerous because you have to react to them immediately, otherwise the patient will begin to suffocate, and without the medicine, death can come. In the past few decades, new effective drugs have emerged to treat this disease. It is best to use an asthma inhaler as it allows the fastest possible penetration of the drug into the airways. In addition, there are now many of their varieties and the patient can choose the one that suits them best. All asthmatics should have a permanent inhaler with them so that they can react quickly in the event of a hold-up.

Characteristics of the disease

  • The inflammatory process in the bronchi is chronic.
  • Asthma often suffers from coughing and shortness of breath.
  • An asthmatic attack can occur at any time through contact with an allergen, stress, or hypothermia.
  • Asthma is an incurable disease, so it is usually necessary to take medication all the time. In the simplest of cases, treatment is only required during the seizure.

Remedies for asthma

Inhalers are the best way to get the medicine into your airways right away. During an asthma attack, the patient often does not have time to wait for an injection or pill. Therefore, inhalers are used in emergencies. And in the period between the attacks on treatment, the usual drugs are used: pills, syrup or injections. "Ventolin" or "Bricail" is often used to prevent seizures. Small children are also rarely given inhalation, and the medicine for them is used as a syrup. All drugs for asthma can be divided into two groups:

  • Bronchodilators, which relieve spasm of the muscles of the bronchi, dilate the vessels, thereby making it easier for the patient to breathe;
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs are used in courses to reduce inflammation and swelling in the bronchi.

In addition, recently got popular hormonal inhaler for asthma. Due to the fact that the drug is given into the respiratory tract in small doses and immediately, it is deprived of all negative effects of hormonal tablets, and the effect of them is higher than that of other drugs.

What is an inhaler?

Inhalations as a method of treating diseasesRespiratory tract have been known since ancient times. People inhaled the smoke from burnt medicinal plants or steam from their decoction. Over time, the process has improved: from burning the leaves on a fire to making a clay pot with a straw. The modern inhaler for asthma has nothing to do with such methods as it has to meet many requirements. The first device for this purpose appeared in 1874, now there are many of its varieties. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and which inhaler is best for asthma for a particular patient, the doctor can only decide. However, they are designed to deliver the drug into the bronchi as quickly as possible and make it easier for the patient to breathe. The medicine in the device is broken up into very small particles that quickly enter the lungs. Hence, an asthma inhaler is now the best option. An effective substitute for him has not yet been invented.

What are the inhalers?

Now many means of cupping asthma attacks are used. They differ in size, the way the drug is given, and the type of drug. The most common pocket inhalers. In bronchial asthma, the most commonly used are:

  1. Powder inhalers with a dispenser allow you to enter the exact dose of the drug required. They are very easy to use, but they are more expensive than others.
  2. Liquid aerosols are the cheapest and most common inhalers. The disadvantage is that they are only effective if the patient inhales at the same time as the drug is released.

In addition, there are stationary inhalers that are uncomfortable with seizures, but they are used to prevent them:

  1. Nebulizer - using a compressor or ultrasound, you break the drug into very small particles that reach the outermost parts of the airways.
  2. The adapter for a conventional inhaler can also be used under stationary conditions. It's called a spacer, and it helps to deliver the drug only when you breathe in.

How do I choose the right inhaler?

The doctor after examining the patient will appoint him a drug that will help in the prevention and treatment of seizures. When choosing an inhaler, you need to focus on the doctor's recommendations. But when buying it is worth paying attention to these characteristics:

  • The inhaler should be convenient to use, best of all - pocket;
  • It is very important that they are easy to use. Then the patient will be able to help himself even during the attack;
  • it is best if the inhaler has the ability to dose the drug;
  • The price also affects the choice of inhaler. This item is a first aid kit for the asthma patient and it must be purchased often.

The most common inhalers for asthma

Your list is constantly expanding, newyou will be more comfortable and secure. Typically, the doctor will prescribe a drug that is more suitable for the patient. These can be bronchodilators or anti-inflammatory drugs. They are already available in the form of an inhaler or a solution for use in a nebulizer. The bronchodilators include:

  • Adrenomimetics stimulate bronchial receptors and dilate the capillaries. They have quick action and are often used to stop an attack. These are salbutamol, levalluterol, terbutaline, and others;
  • M-cholinergic receptor blockers provide bronchial relaxation. "Atrovent" is used in asthma;
  • Methylxanthines block some enzymes in the body. This makes it easier for the patient to breathe. These include "theophylline" and "aminophylline".

Anti-inflammatory drugs are mainly used to treat and prevent seizures. It may be:

  • Glucocorticoids effectively remove edema of the bronchi. These are "fluticasone", "becklamethasone" or "budesonide";
  • Mast cell membrane stabilizers are most often used in pediatrics: "Kromolin" and "Nedocromil";
  • In cases where asthma is unsuitable for treatment with other drugs, "Omalizumab", which contains anti-immunoglobulin E, is used

Which inhalers are better?

It is difficult to answer this question, since the approach must be strictly individual. Only a doctor, after a full examination of the patient, can determine which drug and in what form will be effective. The best inhaler for asthma is one that will stop an attack quickly, cause no side effects, and be easy to use. Which of them are the most common?

  1. "Symbicort Turbohaler" contains budesonide and formoterol. Both substances have a quick effect, have an anti-inflammatory effect and are well tolerated. This asthma inhaler is powdered with a strict dosage of the drug.
  2. "Salbutamol" is suitable for adults and children. It works quickly and rarely causes side effects.

The advantages of a pocket inhaler

It is in the shape of a can in which the preparation is under high pressure and is expelled into the airways when the cap is pressed. It is in this form that it is most convenient to use medication to stop asthma attacks. Finally, in many cases it is very important to apply the treatment in the first few seconds. A pocket inhaler can always be carried - it is small and weighs little. It is especially suitable for those who are rarely at home and lead an active lifestyle. Using such an inhaler is quite simple and even children can handle it. The attack can happen at any time, so it is very important that the drug is always on hand. Pocket inhalers are powder and liquid. Which is better to choose, the doctor can tell. One of the advantages of this type of inhaler is that the drug is delivered in precisely defined portions, which can prevent overdosing.

Treating a child

From the age of three, children can use an inhaler. As a rule, this does not cause negative emotions for the child, which can not be said about injections.

For a more accurate dosage of the drug to smallchildren, it is recommended to use a spacer that uses a special valve to deliver the drug only when inhaled. You can do without it later. What inhalers are used in children with bronchial asthma? It is best to use powder as it is easier to dose. In this regard, "Symbicort Turbohaler" is very convenient and safe.

How to properly use a pocket inhaler

  • remove the lid from the can;
  • turn it upside down;
  • The thumb should be from below and the middle or index finger should be on the bottom of the can;
  • shake well, and some types of inhalers require you to rotate the dial back and forth several times;
  • exhale;
  • Bring the inhaler to your mouth and firmly grasp the mouthpiece with your lips.
  • take a deep breath through your mouth as you squeeze the bottom of the can;
  • hold your breath for 5 seconds and pull the inhaler out of your mouth;
  • exhale slowly.

After a minute, you can inject the second dose of the drug if necessary.

Safety rules for the patient with asthma

  • a person with some form of the disease should always have some means to stop the attack. It is necessary to observe that when leaving the house not to forget about an inhaler from asthma. The name should be known or noted so that it can be bought at the pharmacy if necessary;
  • You cannot use inhalers more than 8 times a day. If the seizures recur or the medication does not help, you should consult a doctor;
  • When using the inhaler, it is necessary to read the instructions for use - it is often recommended to rinse your mouth after using it, otherwise the drug can cause stomatitis or thrush;
  • In addition to the use of drugs appointed by a doctor, for the prevention of seizures it is important to lead a correct lifestyle: avoid tobacco smoke, various allergens, dose exercise, do not get nervous and do not exaggerate.
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