Why is ceramics important

5.3 Mechanical properties

5.3.1 Density

The density ? [g / cm³] of technical ceramics is 20 to 70% of the density of steel. This gives opportunities to reduce the mass, which z. B. is advantageous for moving parts in mechanical engineering.
The relative density d [%] has a significant influence on the properties of the ceramics. Therefore it can z. B. for mechanical applications it is important to achieve a density close to the respective theoretical density without density gradients in order to achieve the best possible mechanical properties.
In contrast, low relative densities based on uniform porosity, e.g. B. have a positive effect on the thermal shock resistance.
Test methods for determining density and porosity are specified in DIN EN 1 389, DIN EN 623-2 and DIN EN 60 672-2.

Image: 81 Orientation fields for flexural strength and density of selected materials