Is knowledge a concept

create a conceptFrom a blank sheet to a convincing concept

A good concept not only needs convincing content, but also effective packaging. The concept developer creates a product - a documentation or a presentation - that conveys his concept. The form in which the concept is to be presented has already been determined when the order for concept development was placed (see above). If it was agreed to create documentation, the concept creator will write a text and add graphics, tables and overviews to it.

Concepts are almost always presented in a presentation. The usual tool for this is PowerPoint. A concept can also be presented on the flipchart. A good presentation is essential when it comes to conveying your own concept. The success factors for presentations are:

Convincing content

Client and target group need to know what it is about. The reason, problems and conceptual task must therefore be named, the goals must be made clear, solutions are described using examples, data and facts, and the solutions are compared and evaluated so that the respective benefits become visible.

Clear structure

A common thread that makes the content understandable and appeals to the audience. For this purpose, the concept developer should contact the audience, present good arguments and plausible reasons and evidence, and activate his audience at the end of his lecture.

Attractive packaging

The presentation cannot be boring. Slides should be designed professionally and confine themselves to the essential core messages.

Skilled dramaturgy

A gripping introduction that makes all listeners curious. Stories, metaphors and a clear concluding message bring a presentation to life and have a long-lasting effect.