What is encryption in WhatsApp

security End-to-end encryption - what exactly is it?


You can think of end-to-end encryption as a kind of key-lock principle: The sender's message is provided with a lock and can only be opened with the key of the desired recipient. All other entities, such as the provider of the communication service, the telecommunication provider or the Internet provider, cannot access the messages.

How encryption works

The English term for the encryption is "end-to-end encryption"(E2E) and denotes the Encryption of data via all transmission stations to the recipient. The encryption and decryption takes place only on the Transmission endpoints instead of. The security of this type of encryption is therefore very high, because no ciphertext can be decrypted without the secret key. The encryption is used by various providers. Not only Whatsapp uses them, but also intelligence services like iMessage, signal, Telegram or Threema. Also at Emails this type of encryption is often used and basically works in the same way. The counterpart is that Point-to-point encryption, in which all instances have access to the sent content.

End to end encryption with WhatsApp

In order for the encryption to work properly, both conversation participants must use the current WhatsApp version installed on your smartphone. It doesn't matter which operating system the smartphone has. When you reopen a chat on WhatsApp, you will be given "Messages in this chat as well as calls are now protected with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info"is displayed.

But be careful: Some Metadata are still documented by WhatsApp. If you use the app and have thereby agreed to the conditions, provide WhatsApp with your telephone number and that of your contacts. The same will be the case Time and date stamp of successfully delivered messages. This enables the intelligence service to determine who communicated with whom and when. Therefore the E2E encryption is called "Bogus security"WhatsApp cannot be used entirely without the transfer of data. Heise online has tested how secure WhatsApp encryption actually is.