What is the stubborn sign of the zodiac

The zodiac signs

Aries21.03. - 19.04 element: Fire
planet: Mars
myth: Aries, the ram with the golden fleece, was a gift from Mercury to the royal children Phrixus and Helle on which they could flee from the evil Ino to the land of Colchis.
properties: Active, direct, straightforward, patient, persistent, practical, generous, dynamic, great assertiveness, inclination to fight, sometimes argumentative, enthusiastic, independent, spontaneous, self-confident.
bull20.04. - 20.05.element: Earth
planet: Venus
myth: Zeus took the form of a proud white bull to seduce Europe. As soon as she was seated on his back, he stepped into the sea and took her to Crete.
properties: Practical, strong, patient, determined, affectionate, sensitive, loyal, reliable, vital, down-to-earth, close to nature, sometimes quick-tempered. twin21.05. - 21.06.element: Air
planet: Mercury
myth: Pollux and Castor, the heavenly twins, sons of Leda and Jupiter ride a winged horse and influence victories, trade, mass and weights.
properties: Pronounced intelligence, imaginative, curious, spontaneous, sympathetic, restless, social, attentive, shrewd, deliberate, sometimes undecided, versatile. cancer22.06. - 22.07. element: Water
planet: Moon
myth: According to legend, the crab is the animal that bit Heracles in the heel to hinder him in his fight against the Lernean hydra.
properties: Strong sense of family, intuitive, emotional, sensitive, sensitive, receptive, emotional, discreet, connected, rooted, helpful. lion23.07. - 22.08.Element: Fire
planet: Sun
myth: Leo is the Nemean lion,
who is descended from the moon and was killed by Heracles in battle.
properties: Vital, enthusiastic, creative, powerful, self-confident, proud, courageous, communicative, urge to rule, generous, dramatic, warm-hearted, impatient, easily offended. Virgin23.08. - 22.09. element: Earth
planet: Mercury
Myth: Virgo, the astral maiden Astraea, daughter of Jupiter and Themis, once lived among the people in the Golden Age. Because of the increasing brutality of morals, she soared into the sky on her wings.
properties: Attentive, thoughtful, reserved, understanding, helpful, conscientious, clearly structured, articulating, analytical, ambitious, willing to work, sometimes too critical, often closed. Libra23.09. - 23.10.element: Air
Planet: Venus
Myth: Libra, the bowl of justice, is blindfolded by Astraea, daughter of Jupiter. In it the deeds of the people are weighed.
properties: Peaceful, fair, aesthetic, cooperative, harmonious, elegant, balanced, open-minded, tolerant, selfless, balancing, diplomatic, intuitive Scorpio24.10. - 21.11.element: Water
planet: Mars
myth: Because Orion the hunter insulted the beautiful Aero, he was struck blind. However, after seeing again, he claimed that he could defeat any animal. The Scorpio proved him wrong.
properties: Passionate, truth-seeking, determined, determined, clever, persistent, sometimes aggressive, sometimes moody, loyal, possessive, brave, euphoric. Sagittarius22.11. - 21.12.element: Fire
planet: Jupiter
myth: Centaurs were wild creatures with a human torso and a horse's body. Chiron, who was considered wise, helpful and hospitable, invented the bow and arrow and was therefore the first archer ever.
properties: Friendly, enthusiastic, inquisitive, visionary, religious, optimistic, philosophical, impulsive, direct, honest, ambitious, freedom-loving, communicative. Capricorn22.12. - 19.01.element: Air
planet: Uranus
myth: The giants of the earth wanted to conquer the sky one day. The giant Typhon terrified the gods. These fled and were transformed into a new shape: Jupiter as bell-bell, Apollo as raven, Bacchus as goat, Diana as cat, Juno as cow.
properties: Practically inclined, responsible, ambitious, willing to work, vital, ascetic, persistent, self-confident, ambitious, success-oriented. Aquarius20.01. - 18.02.element: Air
planet: Uranus
myth: Jupiter punished humanity with a devastating flood. Only the honest Deucalion and his wife Pyrrah could save themselves. The oracle advised them to throw stones that they found behind them. The stones became men and women. So the two repopulated the earth.
properties: Curious, intuitive, visionary, spiritual, social, independent, self-doubting, unpredictable, rebellious, angry quickly. fishes19.02. - 20.03.element: Water
planet: Neptune
myth: Dione threw herself into the river Euphrates with her little son Cupito while fleeing from Typhon. The water nymphs sent two fish to rescue them.
properties: Needs a lot of tenderness, very sensitive, in need of harmony, sometimes fearful and shy, compassionate, selfless, very social, intuitive, melancholy, imaginative, intellectual, creative intelligence, creative.