Make Steakhaeuser sous vide your steak

Sous vide

Sous-vide comes from French and means "under vacuum". It is a form of low temperature cooking that has been practiced by professional chefs around the world for several decades. The principle is simple: Food, especially vegetables, as well as fish and meat, cook at temperatures of 50 to 90 degrees Celsius for a longer period of time, usually several hours. In this way, the food is gently heated and overcooking, as well as the associated loss of liquid and flavor aromas, are prevented. Due to the lack of equipment, low-temperature cooking in the oven has become established among amateur cooks in recent years. Many people rely on the time-consuming but effective method, especially when preparing larger roasts.

Many gourmet restaurants offer sous-vide dishes. However, professional chefs do not cook the ingredients in the oven, but use special equipment. The principle is usually always the same: Vacuum-sealed food is heated in a water bath with a certain amount of heat. This is why this method is also called vacuum cooking. The advantage is that no liquid is lost and the ingredients cook in their own juice. As a result, they keep their original size and valuable aromas are retained. With vacuum cooking, the right water temperature is crucial for delicious results. In haute cuisine, it is precisely adjusted and maintained with the help of so-called thermalizers, which is why some people also refer to the process as thermalizing.

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