What kind of solar eclipse is more common

How does a solar eclipse arise?

During a solar eclipse, the moon moves between the sun and earth. Since the sun and moon appear almost the same size in the sky, the moon can almost completely cover the sun. One then speaks of a total solar eclipse.

However, since the moon is significantly smaller than the earth, it only casts a relatively small shadow on the earth when it is in front of the sun. This is the reason why a solar eclipse can only ever be observed in certain areas of the earth.

Are lunar eclipses more common than solar eclipses?

Surprisingly, there are more solar eclipses than lunar eclipses, this is due to the orbit of the three celestial bodies.
Then why do we see a solar eclipse so rarely?
The reason is that a lunar eclipse can always be observed from the half of the earth facing away from the sun. Exactly where it is night. A solar eclipse, on the other hand, can only be seen if you are within a few hundred kilometers wide path over which the relatively small shadow of the moon moves.