Which is best bamboo or Jenkins CI

Bamboo Vs. Hudson (a.k.a. Jenkins) versus other CI systems

Disclaimer: I am working on Bamboo so I will not comment on features of other CI products as my experience with them is limited.

How to answer your specific requirements:

Handle multiple languages

Bamboo supports multiple languages ​​by default. Customers use it with Java, .Net, PHP, JavaScript, etc. However, most build servers are generic enough to run at least one script that can trigger your build process.

Deploy artifacts on servers (i.e. deploy the war if all unit tests pass.)

Bamboo 2.7 supports build levels that allow you to split your build into a unit test level and a deployment level. Only if the unit test phase is successful will the build continue to the deployment phase. In Bamboo 3.0 we support sharing artifacts between stages so that you can create an artifact (e.g. your war) in the first stage and use that artifact for testing and deployment in the following stages.

I also want something that integrates with a decent code coverage tool.

Bamboo supports Clover and also has a plugin for Cobertura.

Good looking reports are nice, but not essential.

Bamboo has quite a few reviews that are nice but not essential :)

Multiple notification mechanisms when something goes wrong.

Bamboo can notify you via email, RSS, IM, an IDE plugin or a Nice Wallboard that is visible to the entire team.

I am not worried about hosting. I'll run it either on a local server or on an Amazon instance.

Experience has shown that it is usually cheaper to host your own CI server. However, if you need to scale, Bamboo makes it easy to distribute your builds to additional on-premises agents or to scale to Amazon via Elastic agents.

Again, this might be paradise, but is there anything that can create iPhone apps too?

Similar to answering your first question, most CI servers can in some way create iPhone apps. However, a little more scripting may be required.

Price: Bamboo is not free (other than our free starter license) / libre / open-source, you get the source code from Bamboo when you purchase a commercial license and full support. Compared to the computing power and potential maintenance costs required for a CI server, the cost of a Bamboo license is on the low side.

Hope that helps.