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On a class trip - out and about with school

Schoolchildren in Germany go on a class trip once a year or every two years. Most of the time they spend the night in youth hostels. Leander and Elena tell where they went with their class and what they did there.

Leander, 15 years old - Fehmarn island on the Baltic Sea

Pentius; CC BY-SA 3.0

I have been attending high school for four years and am now in the tenth grade. My class has already been on a school trip twice, both times for five days, from Monday to Friday. Two years ago we were on the Baltic Sea. We stayed in a youth hostel. I was in the room with five friends. We were there in the spring and it was still cold. That's why we only went to the beach once.

© Katja Hanke

For the five days there we had a project: We made short films in groups. Each group came up with a story, played it and filmed it on the cell phone. That was very funny. In the end, we all watched movies. That was great fun. We laughed a lot. But I liked the film from my group best.

Leander: Yes, sometimes it's really fun to be with friends in a room for a few days. But of course that's only funny when you're in the room with friends.

What else did you do besides making films?

Leander: Well, we all played group games together on the beach. Then it started to hail, and then we all had to go two kilometers back to the youth hostel. Yes, there was a soccer field or a ping pong table inside and we played there.

Elena, 11 years - Frauensee, Brandenburg

CC BY-SA 3.0

I think school trips are great. Last year we went to a lake. We were 21 children and four teachers. We took the bus there for an hour and lived right on the lake. The house had two floors: the boys slept downstairs and the girls upstairs. We did something different every day: we bathed in the lake and often played in the large playground.

© Katja Hanke

We went on trips and a night hike in the forest with a hunter. It was totally dark there and we were all scared. But it was still fun. There was also a disco one evening. That was great. We danced a lot and went to bed late. I liked this evening best.

Why do you like school trips?

Elena: Because you don't always have to sit in class and listen, you can let off steam.

What kind of trips did you go on?
Elena: Well, there was such a farm nearby. We went there often and petted the animals. Once we were told what kind of animals live on this farm, goats, pigs, horses, chickens and what kind of job the animals have to do. Then we went on a trip with a hunter in the forest in the evening, and then he showed us wild boars and such.

Katja Hanke
is a freelance journalist in Berlin.