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Writing friendship sayings: 5 tips + 50 examples

Friendship sayings show your best friend what they mean to you. They can be emotional, nostalgic, or funny. Depending on what you like, you can also bring joy with a friendship poem or quotes about friendship. This is how your friendship sayings succeed.

Friendship sayings - 5 tips

In this chapter you will find some information about who friendship sayings are suitable for, when you should send them and how you can design them. Even if you prefer to write a friendship saying yourself, you will find important tips here. Because the more personal the saying, the greater the joy that you have put so much effort into.

Who are friendship sayings suitable for?

Friendship sayings - for whom?

Friendship sayings are of course primarily suitable for friends. You should make sure that you are really friends with the person. An acquaintance would probably be more surprised than happy about a soulful saying. So make sure that you are really good friends and that you mean something to each other. In many cases, a close friendship between two people is tantamount to a partnership. You feel responsibility towards the other, miss him and pay attention to his needs.

Another possibility to use a friendship phrase is with the partner. After all, lovers are friends in a certain way and mean a lot to one another. So if you are looking for a love saying or want to write a love poem, you can also include a friendship saying.

On what occasion do I give away friendship messages?

Sayings of friendship can be used on many different occasions. There can be a reason for it, but it doesn't have to be. You surprise your friend the most when there is no reason and you just give him a loving friendship saying.

Happy occasions on which you can send or give away a friendship saying are, for example, birthdays, weddings or Valentine's Day. Because the official day of love is not only suitable for couples, but also for friendships. You can also enhance New Year's greetings and Christmas wishes with a nice friendship saying. However, there are also a little less pleasant, but therefore all the more encouraging reasons to give away friendship messages. Namely, when you wish your friend a speedy recovery or have to write a condolence card because a loved one has passed away.

How do I give away friendship sayings?

Friendship sayings - as a card, letter or Whatspp message

You can give away and send friendship sayings in a wide variety of ways. If you like it old-fashioned and your friend can use it, drop them a letter. It is a little more up-to-date to give him a card or to send it to him. Make sure that your friend regularly checks their email inbox if you want to deliver a friendship saying that way. Perhaps you will also find it all the funnier if you normally never communicate with each other by e-mail and he is therefore particularly surprised when a friendship phrase from you suddenly appears in his inbox.

Other options are of course SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or other messengers. If you send friendship messages via one of these channels, you should definitely use smileys. This makes your message clearer, easier to read and conveys a friendly, good-humored atmosphere. Motifs such as smiling or laughing smileys, flowers, shamrocks and other natural motifs as well as hearts and circles, which you can incorporate into your text according to your taste, are suitable.

A more unusual way to give away a friendship is as a picture in a picture frame. To do this, you can simply write your chosen or self-written saying on a piece of paper or cardboard and frame it. Here it is important to write particularly neatly and possibly add a few decorations yourself. Another possibility would be to write your saying on the back of a photo of you together and to hand it over.

Write friendship sayings yourself

If you want to write friendship sayings yourself, the assessment of your best friend is the most important. If you want to cultivate friendship because it means a lot to you, you should make sure that the saying also resonates. It should match your friend and reflect your friendship. Capturing these specifics and putting them into words is easier said than done. We will try to help you with the following guide.


The first step in creating friendship sayings is brainstorming. You don't need a structure for this: Just write down everything you can think of about your friendship. Common hobbies, experiences or other things that connect you are suitable for this. You can jot down individual words, phrases or sentences. When you're done with your collection, you can divide your notes into clusters or rhymes. This is how you bring some thematic structure into your writing process. From there, either move along the rhymes or formulate a saying that doesn't rhyme and is simply thematically consistent. Sometimes simple lists and repetitions can be enough to create a nice saying.

Friendship sayings: as individual as your friendship

Friendship sayings: as individual as your friendship

To show that you don't write friendship quotes for each of your friends, your saying should be as individual as possible. To do this, it is important to work out both your similarities and your differences. Since you are so good friends, something has to connect you. You should try to isolate what that is and incorporate it into your spell. Is it one big thing or a lot of small ones? How did you find each other and which situations did you go through together? Do you share a common view of the world? Go deep into yourself and become aware of special characteristics of your friendship.

Future wishes

If you are satisfied with your friendship - as it is - you can let it flow into your saying that you wish for the future that everything stays that way. Just like that, or for a birthday, it is especially nice to give your friend some wishes for the future along the way. Name some of his character traits that you appreciate in him or that you wish your soulmate to last forever. Wish him his favorite food and that his greatest dream will come true. For individual sayings of friendship, it is important not only to write about these things in general, but also to name the specific characteristics and beliefs that make it up.

The letter technique

You can create friendship sayings using different words that are associated with friendship for you. You can also use the name of your best friend. The letter technique gives you inspiration. and you can orientate yourself on the letters instead of having to formulate a saying off the cuff. The respective letter always forms the first letter of your word, phrase or sentence. Depending on your preference, you can also include rhymes.


L. - I can laugh with you every day
I. - I'll keep telling you how much I like you.
S. - Sweet and nice, how did I deserve it
A. - Oh, I know, I'm popular with you too!

F. - We want to be friends forever
R. - We want to share our bike and bed
E. - We love to eat too
U - Under the circumstance that we consume everything ’
N - I never want to lose you
D. - Then I can't decorate myself with your clothes anymore
E. - I love you forever, forever. You are my girlfriend and this is a victory!


Storytelling is a method that makes it much easier for you to write your own friendship sayings or texts. You just wonder: what is friendship for you, and why does your boyfriend fulfill exactly these ideas? Start talking and you will find that the flow of writing will come by itself. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. It doesn't matter if you need several attempts until you are satisfied with the text or saying.


  • Friendship is for me to be there for each other - you are always there.
  • Friendship should support and comfort - no one makes me laugh again faster.
  • Friendship means being able to rely on each other - you've never let me down.
  • Friendship forgives mistakes - forgiving has never been easier for me than with you.
  • Friendship survives distances - when we see each other everything is as it was before.
  • I find all that in you. You fulfill the need for security in me.
  • I love you and wanted to tell you, I think of you - every day!

Use your own quotations

If you don't have time pressure to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a nice friendship quote, you can also use this option: From now on, stay attentive and note down special sentences or insights that you both have or had. So you can use your own quotes to reflect the depth of your friendship. Remember to always date these quotes.

The quotes don't always have to be wise or insightful, of course. Sometimes it's also worth writing down the fun things and paying more attention to insiders so they can last forever. Funny quotes as you read bring back memories of moments in which you had a lot of fun and which shaped your friendship.

Friendship sayings - 50 examples

In this chapter you will find numerous examples of friendship quotes. Whether short or long, funny or serious, in English or as a quote. Maybe there is already a saying for you that you can give to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If not, the examples will still serve as inspiration and guidance if you want to write your own saying.

  1. George Washington once said that true friendship is a very slow growing plant. With you as a friend, I can say the opposite. We learned to love each other so quickly, you are like family to me and I never want to lose you again.
  2. Friends are like trees, it doesn't matter how many there are, just how deep their roots are.
  3. Some people do not know how important it is that they are there, how good it is to see them, how comforting their laughter is, how beneficial it is to be around, how much poorer we would be without them, and that they are a gift of Heaven are.
  4. You listen to me when I tell you the same thing for hours. You are silent when I ask you to keep a secret. You call me back when I want to do something stupid again. You build me up when I'm on the ground You are there when i need you You are just the best friend in the world. Thanks.
  5. Friendship enchants. It makes good times better and makes us forget bad times.

Short friendship sayings

If you are missing the words and you don't want to write long, emotional texts, a short friendship will help. There is a lot of truth and a lot of feeling in it and yet it is not too cheesy. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy by letting feelings speak for a change.

  1. If life gives me a hundred reasons to cry, you make me have a thousand reasons to smile.
  2. No matter how deep you sink, I may not be able to pull you all the way up, but I'll do everything I can to keep you from dropping.
  3. We are like two pieces of a puzzle: so different, and yet we fit together perfectly.
  4. I like you for who you are, but most of all for who I am when I'm with you.
  5. Friends are like stars, you can't always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
  6. The flower only blooms for a short time, our friendship blooms for eternity.
  7. The older we get, the smaller our wish lists become, because the things we really want cannot be bought.
  8. Good friends help you find things when you've lost them. Your smile. Your hope. Your courage.
  9. Freundschaf (f) t - I can do anything with you!
  10. A friend understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you for who you are today.

Funny friendship sayings

Friendship is fun. If you and your best friend have the same sense of humor and laugh together a lot, a funny friendship saying can also be a nice gesture. Funny sayings of friendship don't have to be less meaningful. The most important thing is that the saying suits you and that you both can identify with it. Even if the saying comes with a wink, it is no less honest than a nostalgic or serious saying.

  1. Friendship is when you don't clean up when the visitor comes.
  2. I like people with whom totally pointless conversations also make sense.
  3. Friendship is when you just sit around for hours and talk about things that you've talked about a thousand times.
  4. A true friend is someone who has as much of a gossip as you do.
  5. People with whom it is even fun to do nothing should be kept.
  6. It's nice to find people whose head was designed by the same interior designer as you.
  7. A friend is someone who likes you even though he knows you.
  8. Friends are like shoes, when you are young you can't have enough and later you realize that they are always the same with whom you feel comfortable.
  9. For true friends, I go through hell. I like to show others the way there.
  10. Remember: we are best friends. I'm always there to help you up when you're down. But only after I've finished laughing.

Friendship sayings in English

Write friendship sayings in English

There are friendships that are scattered all over the world. Our almost unlimited travel opportunities, work and travel and the possibility of exchanges in schools and universities create global friendships. People of different nationalities and cultures come together and keep in touch. In most cases, English serves as the common language. For this reason, we have selected the most beautiful friendship sayings in English for you.

  1. A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.
  2. Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest. It's about who came and never left your side.
  3. The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren’t very lovable.
  4. The days that break you are the days that make you.
  5. Thank you for saving me from breaking and loving me as I were in the making.
  6. You are my eye candy and my soul food.
  7. Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, capture the good times - and if things don't work out: just take another shot!
  8. And if I ask you to name all the things, that you love, how long would it take to name yourself?
    If I’d be asked to name all the things, that I love, you’d be my number one.
  9. The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. I'll be there to support you. I'll keep running next to you and I'll stay until you've reached your dream.
  10. For the world you are someone - but to me you are the world.
    When you are searching for that one person, that will change your life, just take a look in the mirror. I'll always be there to hold the mirror for you and to show you how important you are.

Quotes about friendship

Philosophers and writers also knew about the friendship. It's a millennia-old phenomenon that hasn't changed in all these years. It has always fascinated her people. Since friendship is a kind of love, just as much has been puzzled and ascertained. The meaning of friendship, its necessity and its cause can be found in many quotes. You can also make your friend happy with one of these quotes. Or you choose a quote that originated from your friendship and that you remembered.

  1. Of all the gifts that fate gives us, there is no greater good than friendship - no greater wealth, no greater joy.
    (Epicurus of Samos)
  2. It is most beautiful when friendship and love go hand in hand!
    (Wolf Dietrich)
  3. Really good friends are people who know us very well and still stick to us.
    (Marie von Ebner Eschenbach)
  4. Friendship is a door between two people. It can creak sometimes, it can jam, but it is never locked.
    (Balthasar Gracián y Morales)
  5. “Friend in need” doesn't mean much, some people want to be helpful. But those who enviously grant you happiness, you can truly call them friends.
    (Paul von Heyse)
  6. The most beautiful gift that the gods bestowed on people is friendship. May some also praise wealth, power, honor or health, I prefer friendship and wisdom to all other goods. In happiness as in unhappiness, man most desires friendship.
    (Markus Tullius Cicero)
  7. Friendship is the noblest feeling that the human heart is capable of.
    (Carl Hilty)
  8. I find the surest means of cultivating and maintaining a friendly relationship with one another in sharing what one is doing. Because people meet much more in what they do than in what they think.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  9. Friendship, that is one soul in two bodies.
  10. Flowers cannot bloom without the warmth of the sun. People cannot become human without the warmth of friendship.
    (Phil Bosmans)

Poems about friendship

In contrast to sayings of friendship, poems are less easy to read and usually a little more thought-provoking, but they have more depth. If your friend is a little poetic, he'll surely be happy that you take part in this interest. However, if you suspect that he has nothing to do with a poem, you may want to forego a poem. Otherwise you make a lot of effort to choose a suitable one and it may not be understood or just skimmed over.

Poems about friendship have a lot of depth and are particularly suitable for long-term friendships in which there is an intense understanding of the other. This is the best way to assess whether your poem about friendship is being interpreted and understood correctly. The older generations in particular, who are more closely related to poetry, will definitely be happy about it.

It is of course up to you whether you want to write a poem about friendship yourself or not. If your friend does not have a good relationship with poetics, you can also simply simplify, rewrite, or tailor a familiar poem at your discretion.

  1. Friendship matures in long years,
    In danger
    She gives her own samples;
    But one should also praise those in hours
    Quickly felt
    In happy days
    During beautiful summer weeks
    To be good for life
    (David Friedrich Strauss)
  2. Friendship
    When people know each other from their innermost values
    So they can happily call themselves friends
    Life is so familiar to people
    They find it more interesting in the mind.
    The high spirit is not far from friendship,
    People are fond of harmonies
    And be kind to the familiar, that they live to the education,
    This is also given to mankind.
    (Friedrich Hölderlin)
  3. For ever friends
    To be together with you
    in joy and in sorrow.
    Never be lonely with you.
    The most beautiful there is!
    For everyone to have fun
    made a lot of nonsense.
    As always, inseparable
    gone through the nights.
    Forever friends
    to be there forever.
    To laugh and cry.
    I yearn for it!
  4. We
    Our souls met
    and from the point in time
    they ran together
    hand in hand
    through the world:
    of trust
    of understanding
    and togetherness!
    I can always feel what you think
    and hear what you cannot say
    we build each other up
    I want to go on and on with you
    through the world of our friendship!
  5. That's the way it is, that's the way it should be
    I'm glad to know you.
    can call you my girlfriend.
    Even if we don't always see each other
    I think that we understand each other in silence.
    If you need me call me
    As soon as I can, I'll be there for you.
    Because that's how friendship should be
    none of us is ever alone.
    If you are sad, I comfort you
    As good as you do for me
    You are there, that gives me courage
    Knowing you is so good for me.
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