What is private mortgage insurance

The mortgage insurance (Eng. "Mortgage Guaranty Insurance"Or"Private Mortgage Insurance”) Insures the risk that a lender will suffer losses from the settlement of a distressed mortgage loan.

This insurance therefore pays in favor of the creditor, while the one common in Great Britain "Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance”In favor of the debtor if he becomes unemployed for reasons for which he is not responsible.

Private mortgage insurance is particularly important as an additional means of security for mortgage loans with a high loan-to-value ratio (above 80 percent of the loan-to-value ratio). The claims experience in this insurance is, however, extremely cyclical.

Private mortgage insurance was first offered in the Kingdom of Saxony in 1858 (the Sächsische Hypothekenversicherung zu Dresden was founded by the statistician Ernst Engel). In Germany, however, this branch of insurance has never got beyond a niche existence. After the end of World War II, German insurers did not resume business. The real home country of private mortgage insurance is the USA, where this insurance is now an indispensable component of the national real estate financing system.

Private mortgage insurance is now offered in a number of countries (including Great Britain and Germany). Intensive market penetration has so far only been achieved in a small number of countries. In addition to the USA, Canada and Australia should also be mentioned here.

The importance of private mortgage insurance in terms of housing policy lies in the fact that it allows families to finance the purchase of their own home with much less equity and thus much earlier in the household life cycle.


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