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Watched Netflix? Then remember these four streaming alternatives!

Fall time is binge watching time

As the temperatures drop, the urge to just sit on the sofa and snuggle up in the blanket increases. What shouldn't be missing? Correct: Films and series in abundance. Portals such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Maxdome have long ceased to be insider tips.

The offer is huge, however often more on quantity than on quality designed. That is why some film lovers have made it their business to give smaller productions a chance as well. We introduce you to four alternative video platforms.

MUBI: For connoisseurs

Browsing through the MUBI film platform is like browsing through a small, old-fashioned arthouse cinema to stroll. Only digital. And without the scent of popcorn - unfortunately. So you have to take care of the right atmosphere at home yourself, MUBI delivers the exclusive selection of films: from short films to reports and arthouse films to Hollywood classics.

Every day a team of passionate cineastes presents a handpicked "Film of the Day". For each new film, an old strip is bowled out of the program - all in all, the offer consists of 30 different filmsthat are constantly updated.

For all those who can't get enough of the alternative film program, there is also the MUBI Community. Here, film lovers can come across in groups new discoveries or old film treasures change. The online magazine "Notebook", which is also part of the streaming platform, also provides you with insider news from the film industry on a daily basis.

Hard facts

  • Streaming platform
  • A subscription to MUBI costs € 5.99 / month
  • You can test the offer for one week for free
  • The films can also be viewed offline

More information at www.mubi.com

alleskino.de: For those who are close to home

Your knowledge of German films is limited to "Keinohrhasen" and "Fack ju Göhte"? It's a shame because that German film industry has a lot more to offer - at least that's what the operators of the online platform alleskino.de think.

They only offer German cinema productions on their platform. From very old silent film classics like "The Pandora's Box" from 1928 to new productions like "Toni Erdmann" everything is included. The aim of the platform operator is to be able to offer all German productions on their site at some point, and thus that Image from German film productions to polish up.

Hard facts

  • Streaming and VoD platform
  • The films can be rented for 48 hours for prices between one and five euros. In addition, there are monthly, half-yearly and annual subscriptions from 4.99 / month
  • A trial month is free for you
  • Some film offers are available for download, but must then be purchased at a higher price

More information at www.alleskino.de

realeyz: For alternative

"Independent. Different. International.": That is the slogan of the streaming portal realeyz. You will only find indie films here - well Productions by independent filmmakers. The operators rely on individual content that moves, inspires and makes a difference.

In addition to the usual categories such as "Drama" and "Horror", you will also find the genres "Film Noir", "Queer" or "Mumblecore" here. Pretty cool: too First works get a chance hereto make the indie heart beat faster. And if you've always wondered which films inspire viewers at film festivals and film festivals - you'll find your answer here.

Hard facts

  • Streaming platform
  • The monthly subscription costs 5.50 euros, an annual subscription costs 49.50 euros
  • You can test the offer for 30 days free of charge
  • The films are only available online, they cannot be downloaded

More information at www.stream.realeyz.de

Pantaflix: For benefactors

The streaming and VoD service Pantaflix, which was co-founded by actor Matthias Schweighöfer, has been in existence for almost a year. Anyone who already rolls their eyes and thinks that one can only see Schweighöfer productions like "Der Geilste Tag" or "Der Nanny" can breathe a sigh of relief: Pantaflix has you covered All-round coverage from international hit films to small indie productions.

The special thing about it: With Pantaflix, film producers earn more money than with the other streaming services. You decide how much your film should cost to rent, 75 percent of this amount goes directly to the rights holder. With the remaining money, the operators cover the costs for the portal and for their "growing collection of Star Wars characters", as it is called on the Pantaflix website.

Practical: For foreign language lovers there is the possibility of the Filter films by different languages. English, Dutch, French, Spanish and much more: Everyone who wants to improve their foreign language skills with the right films will get their money's worth here.

Hard facts

  • VoD portal
  • The filmmakers can set prices between 0.99 and 19.99 euros, but most films cost between four and five euros and are available for 30 days
  • You get the first film for free
  • The films can be downloaded to mobile devices using the Pantaflix app

More information at www.pantaflix.com