Overweight people do yoga at all

Yoga for the obese? Sure, of course!

Why yoga is ideal for round body shapes

People who are overweight often feel ugly in our culture, our society, they do not fit into the current ideal of beauty. Doubts about one's own willpower quickly arise, and one's self-confidence and love for oneself suffer. Fears that “the others are looking again”, that people are whispering and shaking their heads.

Most overweight people are therefore ashamed to exercise and exercise in front of others. Team sports are a nightmare for many. And yoga first! Bending, stretching and bending - what it looks like in front of the others! But before you tell yourself: “I can't even manage the movements”, we have a few counter-evidence here.

And whether yoga is something for fat people!

1Sure you can!

“Eat more healthily, move more or eat less!” “Think about your high blood pressure!” You probably all know the “well-meaning” comments of the others - but at least the looks that say exactly that. But precisely this advice is of no use to most people when it comes to losing weight. Many overweight men and women struggle with exercising in the gym, running, or doing other sports. It is not fun for them at all, and many of the sports are really tough on the joints.

Yoga, on the other hand, is the gentlest form of movement I know. And the most wonderful thing about yoga: it can be practiced by anyone! Because the movements adapt to you, not you to fixed programs or training goals. The integrated meditation also helps you to come to yourself and to concentrate entirely on yourself.

"Wellbeing Yoga" is the name of yoga teacher Manuela Wafig, for example, of her XL yoga classes, which she has specially tailored to people who are overweight. "My students are just as welcome as they are," the self-confident woman told us

“Yoga fights your frustration before It's not working, the joy of movement is awakened again ”.

How right she is!

By the way, when it comes to the topic of beauty: Some of the greatest and most revered gods in Hinduism are anything but slim: Take a look at the wonderful stories of the wise and cheerful Ganesha, for example!

2What does yoga do for you anyway?

Yoga has the great advantage that you can vary the exercises and movement sequences as you need, can and want to. And you can gradually improve, refine and add asanas.

Yoga doesn't just help you lose weight. Here are some great yoga benefits to be aware of:

  • Yoga makes your joints and muscles stronger
  • Your self-esteem will be strengthened and you will learn to accept and love your body
  • You strengthen your organs, such as your heart, lungs and brain
  • Your back, neck, neck and shoulders, legs and arms are trained
  • Your balance and your ability to concentrate will improve
  • You become calmer and more relaxed inside; good for high blood pressure
  • You relieve pain that is triggered by incorrect posture, for example

3What is special about yoga for overweight people?

In principle, it is often more difficult for overweight people to perform certain asanas at first, for example because the stomach or a larger bust is in the way. If you have problems reaching certain extensions or flexions, aids are available to you, such as a yoga belt, yoga blocks or yoga pads. They support you in the execution and can be adjusted and used individually and flexibly. A chair or bench can also be helpful for many asanas - the same applies, by the way, to pregnant women with a big belly.

There are - regardless of the yoga styles - variants for all asanas. If you can't reach around your arms behind your back, hold your hands. If you can't get into the tailor's or lotus position, try a different sitting posture, such as a simple form of muktasana. If your knees hurt in the sitting position, put yoga blocks underneath for support.
Give yourself a jolt and just ask in the yoga studio. Explain to them your wishes and ideas, but also your doubts and fears. Maybe even extra courses are offered for overweight people.

4Find your own way!

It is important that you find a yoga teacher who understands you and can cater to your needs. In the yoga class, only you count, it is not about competing with or against others, it is not about looks, skills or experience. It's all about your inner and physical strengthening, that you come to rest and strengthen your mind as well as your muscles, your joints and your mobility. Yoga is the opposite of your everyday life: the exercises adapt to you, not you to them.
You can see an initial overview of the different yoga styles here.

For example, you can do the asanas once Standing forward bend (Uttanasana) or try the sun salutation. Anantasana (Vishnu’s couch) is a stretching exercise and is practiced lying down. You lie on your side with your body straight, your toes are stretched. Support your head with your hand by resting your elbows on the yoga mat. You stretch the upper leg up and try to grip the foot with your hand.

With Virabhadrasana 1 (The Warrior 1) you train your strength and endurance, improve your stability and your sense of balance. You are stretching your organs and your entire body. From a standing position, one bent leg points forwards, the other is stretched backwards. Your arms point straight up, your gaze goes straight ahead. Always include your breathing!

Just try your personal yoga workout! You shouldn't claim to get the exercises perfect right from the start. Step by step you will notice how your body becomes more flexible and stronger. Every yoga class will make you stronger!

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