How do I sync Firefox with Chrome

How do I sync bookmarks between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

How do I sync bookmarks between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

To the best of my knowledge, Google Chrome places bookmarks separately from Google bookmarks, which can be accessed in Firefox using the Google Toolbar for Firefox. Correct?

How should I sync my browsers? I use Google Chrome as my primary browser. It works fine and bookmarks are synced across multiple computers that I use.


Yes, as suggested by jcnaquin, Xmarks is awesome.

(Chrome Extension, Firefox Ad-on)

Not only can you work across browsers, you can also set up profiles for different computers (work / private / user-defined) and define which bookmarks / folders belong to the individual profiles. This can help you choose whether to keep certain bookmarks at home or leave them at work.

In addition, you can sync passwords or open tabs on any computer, but only if you want to, of course.

There is no way to sync your bookmarks across different web browsers without using one of the services (such as Xmarks, EverSync, or Delicious) that you need to create an account for. The problem with this is that your browser may make multiple copies of your bookmarks, creating a REAL mess, as Antony said.

Of these 3, I personally recommend EverSync as you can freely use it on your phone too, but there are many more similar services out there, most with the same multisyncing problem.

You can also do this without the use of add-ons by following the steps below:

  1. Go to "Show All Bookmarks" (+ +)
  2. Click on "Import and Save"
  3. Select "Import data from other browsers"
  4. Select the browser you want to import the bookmarks from and click Further
  5. All bookmarks are imported into the folder as "From Google Chrome" so you don't have to worry about the same name or bookmarks.
  6. Now you can manually organize the new bookmarks to your liking.

Another option would be Delicious.

It syncs between IE, Chrome and Firefox.

I think it can sync with Dropbox too.

I use Firefox Sync because I use Firefox as my primary browser, but Firefox Sync messes up my bookmarks and creates duplicates every time I log in to one of my computers. Seems to only work for a single computer setup which is pretty out of date these days.

Xmarks has been discontinued for months. The last time I tried it because the website was back online I don't know why, the server didn't respond at all.

The manual import of bookmarks works again for a setup on a computer. But I'll never remember to save my bookmarks when I leave a computer, copy them somewhere (e.g. Dropbox) and restore them when I log on to another computer.

It seems the only way now is to bypass the browser's bookmarks and set up a web server with an HTML page with links and manually refresh the page to add bookmarks or remove all but one computer to to use a bookmark sync options above.

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