Should I take out a loan for my wedding?

Wedding loan - all information and what to look out for

Bridal dress, wedding celebration, honeymoon - for a wedding you have to have a few euros on your pocket. If you still lack money to get married, a wedding loan can be the solution. But do you really need the credit? What do you have to pay attention to with the personal loan?

Taking out a loan for the wedding is nothing unusual these days. After all, we want to treat ourselves to something for the most beautiful day in life.

BUT: You should always stay within your possibilities. There must be some savings in the account, otherwise the wedding will be postponed by a year and continue to save.

1. Wedding loan - yes or no?

If you can repay your wedding loan within a year or two without any problems, then a loan makes sense. But if you choose a long term and have to pay off your wedding for another 10 years, then ask yourself whether you really want to burden your marriage with an installment loan. In any case, it is important that the bride and groom are named as borrowers.

The less money you borrow, the better. First, calculate with one Budget planner exactly your wedding costs and be realistic. There are couples for whom the celebration and its costs otherwise quickly slip out of their hands.

Maybe there is one too Wedding or marriage for two an alternative for you so that you don't have to finance the entire wedding. A Hen party for friends and family is great too!

And if the budget is not enough, delete the items that are not really important to you or reduce the number of guests.

Not every wedding needs one Candy bar and the Photo box It's great, but it's not worth the fact that you are in excessive debt with a huge wedding loan.

If you want to finance a wedding, honeymoon, etc. with a loan, you should definitely consider whether it would be better for you to get one too Wedding insurance should complete.

Wedding loan experiences

Are you still thinking about taking out a wedding loan? In our Facebook group some bridal couples have reported about their wedding financing - interesting were among others:

  • We postponed the wedding by 1 year so that we don't have to take out a loan.
  • If someone would like to take out a loan, then let them do so! There are more pointless things that could be financed.
  • Since we've lived together, each of us has set aside 50 euros a month. So at some point we had enough for a small wedding.
  • Before I finance any electrical appliances, I prefer to finance my wedding. So 2000-5000 € are paid off quickly and above all you get something for the wedding, so all the faster.

2. General information on financing the wedding

A wedding loan is particularly useful for important services such as the Wedding photographers (which you should definitely not do without) or a nice one honeymoon. With many other expenses, such as catering, you can even start with the red pencil and rather delete something before you don't get along with your budget.

If it is a smaller sum, family members may also be able to help you financially. However, do not drill for too long. If your relatives don't offer to support you directly, disputes can quickly arise when it comes to money.

With the current low interest rates, the more convenient and carefree option is to have part of the wedding financed. With a smaller loan amount, banks often agree to grant a loan to a newlyweds.

A loan for wedding, honeymoon and Co. that allows special repayments is ideal for the additional financing of your wedding, as you may be able to make a special repayment with the money gifts.


However, you should not rely entirely on monetary gifts to pay off the loan, but also set a realistic monthly rate that you can raise.

3. Wedding Loan Checklist

  • How much additional money would you like to borrow for the wedding?
  • How much can you pay off monthly as an installment with your income?
  • Wedding loan with special repayment: Special repayments must be possible (free of charge) so that you can use monetary gifts directly to pay off your wedding financing.
  • Make sure that the bank is trustworthy and also checks your creditworthiness before you get money (Schufa). Whoever gives the lower interest rate is not automatically the best.
  • Let us list and explain all fees to you so that you are not surprised by hidden costs.
  • Obtain a comparison offer from another lender and have everything explained and calculated to you in detail.
  • Keep all contract documents in a safe place and keep an eye on it.

4. Calculate wedding loan / wedding loan comparison

In cooperation with Finanzcheck, we offer you the opportunity to calculate the monthly rate based on your personal loan amount and term. There you can make a serious loan request and apply for the loan directly. Just enter your numbers first: