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2 million people use AdSense - for good reasons

Your website as a source of income

Millions of advertisers compete for your advertising space. The result: higher revenue, more relevant ads and more advertising space.

Your ads will be optimized automatically

Google automatically adjusts the size of the ad units to fit computers and mobile devices. This makes the ads more likely to be seen and clicked.

You save time

You just paste a snippet of code on your website and Google will then automatically place ads that match the layout of your website. You save time as there is no need to change the ad code.

Generate income

How much revenue can I get with AdSense?

Select where your website visitors are from and enter a category for the website to see your potential earnings.

You have defined the region of your website visitors and the content category as follows:

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{[calculatorCtrl.selectedCategory [0]]}

Monthly page views

This refers to the number of times per month that the pages of your website are loaded and viewed by visitors.

{[calculatorCtrl.pageImpressions.toLocaleString ()]}

Potential annual sales

This is an estimate and is intended as a guide only.

* There is no guarantee that you will actually achieve the sales shown. The estimate is based on the category and region you selected. Actual revenue depends on many individual factors, such as advertiser demand, user location and device used, industry, season, ad size, and exchange rate.


Only the ad of the highest bidder will be served

In the world's largest online advertising network, advertisers submit bids for your advertising space - one way for you to increase sales.


Relevant ads for your target audiences

We check all ads because they have to meet our quality standards and fit your content and target audience. We also make sure that the ads are easy to see on smartphones and tablets. This is how you can increase your online sales.


You are in control

They block ads you don't like, determine where the ads are placed, and choose the ad types that best suit your website.

You just paste the AdSense code on the website and everything will run by itself.
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How can I get started right away?

Just follow these 3 steps and you can start using AdSense right away.

Create a Google Account

If you use Gmail or other Google services, you already have a Google account. If not, simply register to create an account and start taking advantage of AdSense.

Provide telephone number and postal address

We need the phone number and mailing address associated with your bank account so that you can receive payments.

Link your website to AdSense

You just paste a snippet of code on your website and Google does the rest, so you can focus on getting more income.

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