How do you get youtube video ideas

20 creative YouTube video ideas to inspire you for 2021

If you are looking for new one Ideas for your YouTube videos If you want to make a good impression on YouTube and other platforms, you've come to the right place.

Videos are powerful tools for marketing and advertising.

Cisco predicts that marketing will soon make up 82% of all online traffic.

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe for success with videos.

With a good pinch of creativity, ingenuity and authenticity, paired with relevant information for your target group, you can still be very successful.

Users want quick access to information, exactly the way they want.

So it's no wonder that the consumption of YouTube videos has increased so rapidly in recent years. 73% of consumers in the US use YouTube and spend an average of 11 minutes and 24 seconds per day on the platform. When you have watched the videos of your subscribed channels, watch the videos suggested to you by the YouTube algorithm.

Nowadays, your customers no longer consume their content exclusively via television, but are actively looking for content on the Internet and on platforms such as YouTube.

The non-linear shopping experience of the user leads them to YouTube via Google search, where they learn more about your product and your brand, at least that is what this article, which was published on Think With Google, claims - a Google platform for insights into new products Market trends.

In today's market environment, companies that know how to use all online media and produce appealing content for their target group take the lead. It is no longer just about selling products and services.

Do you want to produce video content but don't know how?

Then you are exactly right here!

Here are 20 great ideas for making creative YouTube videos.

20 great ideas for YouTube videos

To help you find new, fun, and informative ideas for your videos, I've picked out some great video formats for you.

You can use the best ideas as inspiration for your own videos.

Here are the best YouTube video ideas and creative suggestions for your YouTube channel.

1. Explanatory videos

Video content can be consumed instantly, which is why explanatory videos of products and brands are so popular.

Product presentations increase the engagement of your video content and the traffic on your YouTube channel.

Audiovisual content that gives the user an insight into your offer increases anticipation and can counteract potential objections, which can shorten the buying cycle.

2. Video reviews

Product reviews act as social proof and show what customers think of your product.

You can also rate products yourself, e.g. B. books, new Netflix series or products that your target group might be interested in.

Share your personal experience, opinion and ideas with the viewer in order to get them excited about the topic, in this way you can influence their purchase decision.

Beauty and makeup bloggers are constantly sharing video reviews and product comparisons of new beauty products and brands.

You could also watch a series or movie and then use the video to explain how it relates to your product.

This unusual approach is likely to attract curious viewers interested in the particular film or series.

3. Videos that tell a story

I have already mentioned many times that storytelling has a lot of potential.

The users are not interested in your product or service. They are looking for a solution to their problems.

When you tell an interesting story, you can create a personal connection with the viewer so that they will remember your product in case they ever need it.

Share your experiences and a personal story with your potential customers.

You could explain your personal history or talk about obstacles that you had to overcome.

Some influencers make videos about very personal topics like surgeries, choosing their university, or sharing fun experiences from their youth.

The chosen topic must, however, suit your company so that you address the right target group and at the same time arouse their interest in your product.

4. Advice and tips

Tips, advice and recommendations, be it on a personal, professional or business level, can make your customers' lives easier.

Do you need an example?

This article that you are reading right now. I could just make a video out of it.

In my video I would then introduce you to ideas and examples of some YouTube videos. Pretty easy, isn't it?

To be successful with videos like this, you need to provide practical tips and advice that will make life easier for your viewers.

For example, you could introduce new apps, websites, strategies, or creative ideas like this article.

5. Q&A videos

Has it ever occurred to you that you could answer your customers' questions in a video?

You could collect comments and messages you get on social media or your already published videos and then reply to them in a new video.

Simply select the most frequently asked questions from your users and add further questions if necessary.

Then point out to your viewers that you will answer their questions on a specific topic in a special video.

You could even invent a hashtag to gather new questions and better organize your topics.

When you've picked out the most interesting questions, all you have to do is record a video and answer them. But don't forget to mention the person who asked the question so that they feel personally addressed.

These videos lead to the fact that the users deal more intensively with your content on YouTube.

6. Video ideas for webinars

Webinars are video seminars that are streamed live.

The webinar can cover topics that your viewers are interested in.

All you have to do is pick an interesting topic and then talk about it for 20 minutes.

If it is well received, you can just let the video run longer, because what matters is not the length of the video, but the content and of course the answers to your viewers' questions.

With this video format you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Tip: With Ubersuggest you can find interesting content for your webinar in no time!

Ubersuggest is a free online program that you can use to find content and topics for your webinars.

Ubersuggest shows you whether users are looking for the topics you want to talk about.

Just enter a broad topic, e.g. B. “Video Marketing” and find out how many users are looking for content on this topic.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the term “video marketing” is entered approximately 4,400 times on Google every month.

Below you will find even more ideas and keywords that have to do with the topic of "video marketing", and you can then also cover these in the webinar.

7. Lists

Lists are very helpful and informative.

With a good list on an interesting topic, you can easily attract new viewers.

You could compile lists of helpful tips, book recommendations, articles, or inspiration. The choice is yours.

The video should always start with a short introduction in which you explain why you have decided on the respective topic.

Then go through the list explaining each content and that way share interesting information with your viewers.

8. DIY videos

DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

This is not a fleeting trend, as do-it-yourself videos are extremely popular because they show viewers how to build something or do it themselves.

You could make a video about crafting with recycled materials or showing your viewers how to create a digital marketing template.

Find a topic that you are familiar with so that you don't get confused while filming, as that would not be good for your brand image and could even damage your company's reputation.

9. Motivational videos

Each of us can use a few words of encouragement.

We humans need encouragement and motivation to overcome obstacles.

That sounds like a total cliché, but it's true.

Lots of motivational videos shared on Facebook are going viral. Suddenly everyone wants to do a video like that.

How could you inspire or motivate your customers?

Prepare an inspirational speech, then record a video.

Your video has to be personal so that the viewer can identify with your company. If your video goes viral afterward, so much the better.

10. “Unboxing” videos

In a so-called “unboxing” video, a product is unpacked that has either been bought or given as a gift. These videos are extremely well received.

Grab a video camera or your cell phone, unpack a great product and show it to your viewers.

Digital influencers make a video like this almost every week and show their “gifts of the week”.

You can use this great opportunity to bring your product closer to customers by talking about the packaging and the quality of the product.

If you unpack the product live in the video, you may convince one or the other viewer who has already toyed with the idea but was not sure about the purchase.

11. Challenges

Challenges are fun and can quickly become the next viral sensation.

Do you still remember the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Mannequin Challenge? These are just two examples of the many video challenges that have achieved worldwide fame.

In order to convince as many viewers as possible to take part in your challenge, you should mark people in the video.

Be careful with inviting famous people to participate, as many stars charge money to participate in such promotions, unless the idea is extraordinarily creative and new.

Try to create one of these video challenges yourself.

12. Reactions

In the so-called React videos, a person reacts to a certain situation.

If these videos are well planned in advance, they will be fun and very creative.

There are an infinite number of issues to respond to, such as: B. sitcoms, movies, other YouTube artists' videos, or messages you've received.

13. Gameplay

Gameplay has been growing in popularity for years and is particularly popular with the younger generation and people who love video games.

Pick a video game, record a video, and rate the game as you play it. Share tips on specific tasks or levels with the viewer.

Since these types of videos appeal to a very specific audience, you should only do them if you enjoy playing video games (and are good, of course), because gamers are a very critical audience and are very familiar with all games.

14. Events and events

Is there an interesting event taking place somewhere? Then you can grab a camera and make a video about the event or come up with something creative about the event.

To make the whole thing more interesting, you could contact the organizers of the event and ask if you can conduct interviews during the event.

An interview will make your video much more professional and maybe even attract new viewers.

15. Travel videos

Travel videos are especially popular with people who like to travel and learn about other cultures.

You've probably seen a travel video before, haven't you? You could certainly use this idea super creatively for your company.

All you have to do is take a video camera with you on your next trip, record everything and share your experience with the audience.

Share interesting information about the places you are visiting to get more viewers.

Viewers who have already toyed with the idea of ​​going on such a trip like to watch the video.

For example, you could rate restaurants or tourist attractions during your trip.

16. Video tutorials

As the name suggests, in this video you are sharing a guide or technique to teach your viewers something new.

There are many topics that range from simple to complex and that digital influencers from different industries like to deal with.

Here's an example: How to turn a swimsuit into a hip street look. Or: How to put together an appointment calendar.

In order to find suitable topics for your YouTube channel, your market niche and your expertise in the topic must be taken into account when choosing.

Video tutorials must be objective and easy to reproduce.

Your viewers must be able to easily follow the steps in the instructions and then be able to implement these steps themselves.

17. TAGs

Tags are the latest craze and super interesting. You can use these videos to get closer to your fans.

You can use tags to sort your videos using keywords to make them quicker and easier to find.

Tags work like a hashtag, only for videos.

Let me explain this briefly using a simple example. Let's say I want to post a video with the tag “50 Facts About Me”.

If a YouTube user wants to use the same tag, they have to share 50 facts about themselves in their video.

These videos encourage participation and can therefore also go viral quickly.

18. Reviews

We like to remember the good old days or good events.

Video reviews, like any other content, must be relevant.

They mustn't look too much like advertising either, or they won't go down well.

The annual review “YouTube Rewind 2018” has been viewed over 100 million times.

So far so good. But unfortunately the video looked way too much like advertising, not like a review of 2018 and therefore received a lot of negative reactions.

Never before has a video on YouTube got so many “dislikes”.

19. Interviews

Guests turn a creative video idea into a great YouTube experience.

You can invite and interview an expert on a specific topic to share relevant information with your viewers and give them a great experience.

The interview benefits your viewers and the viewers of the invited guest, so everyone benefits from it.

Did the audience like the interview? Then you should regularly do new interviews on different topics.

Your viewers will definitely be happy!

20. Chalk Talk

Have you ever seen a video in which the host uses illustrations to capture his train of thought on a white board? These videos are known as chalk talk.

Talking pictures, flowcharts, texts and graphics ensure an unforgettable and entertaining experience.

If the content is interesting and helpful, the video is sure to get some “likes” and positive comments.

Conclusion - which idea do you want to implement first?

There are so many great ideas for interesting YouTube videos out there.

Now all you have to do is decide on one of your ideas and then turn it into a video that fits your business.

Pay attention to the preferences and needs of your target group in order to find the perfect topic and video format.

Read through the comments and messages of your subscribers and watch the videos of your competitors and other companies.

With this strategy you are sure to find the right one!

Always remember that the video has to fit your target audience. You have to be as objective, friendly and neutral as possible.

The more authentic, creative, enthusiastic, and relevant your videos are, the more your viewers will like them.

Did the ideas from this article inspire you? Have you ever made one of the videos mentioned here? Share your experiences or other tips in a comment with the readers of my blog.