Why do flat earth dwellers support the theory

Backyard experiments to falsify the Flat Earth theory [duplicate]

You need three flat earth theorists on different continents (or otherwise well separated from each other), all of whom take part in a (video) conference call and have the azimuth and elevation angles of the sun measured at the same time. The angles they reported do not coincide with their positions on a flat plate arranged as in the map in the question.

This is a more modern way of doing Eratosthenes' experiment. Here we need three observation points to rule out a possible objection by the conspiracy theorists: The sun is actually not that far away. (Eratosthenes took advantage of the fact that the sun's rays are all parallel - I don't give that much credit to the flat earth dwellers).

This is easy to spell out if you choose the times / places so that

1) For a person the sun is right over the head,

2) Another person is due north of person 1.

3) Another person is due east (on the same latitiude line) as person 1.

If you assume that the sun is in a location consistent with observations (1) and (2), then because of the geographic location in the original question, the person (3) will not only be able to see the sun in the west.

Mario Carneiro

I don't think you need observer (2). If you can stay on the exact same parallel between (1) and (3) using standard flat earth theory (assuming this is at least measured correctly by modern cartographers), then (3) should see the sun deviating north.


@MarioCarneiro I understand your point, but I also know that there are situations where two observers could make observations compatible with the idea of ​​flat earth (+ near the sun) and therefore 3 observers indicate as the general Protocol is safe.