Can an object move by itself

You can put images, picture galleries, videos, text boxes, shapes, and equations in a text box or shape; the inner (nested) The object then appears automatically embedded in the text in the outer text field or the outer form (parent Object).

  • If you haven't already added a text box or shape to the page, or if you haven't already added the object you want to insert into it, click the object buttons on the toolbar to add the objects you want to work with.

  • Select the object you want to nest in a text box or shape and press Command-X to cut it.

    If the object is on the page, click to select it; if it is included in the text, select it by double-clicking it.

  • Double-click the text box or shape you want to paste the object in so that the insertion point appears in it. Then press Command-V to insert the object.

    The inserted object is then nested in the superordinate object. Becomes a symbol of the text overflow shown at the bottom of the object, you have to resize it to see all of its content.

  • To add text, click in the text box or shape so that the insertion point appears, then type your text.

    If you accidentally select the nested object (it has three pick points), click outside of it to move the insertion point into the parent object.

    Tip: If the nested object is a text box or shape, you can write in it or insert an image, shape, or equation. Select the nested object, click (if it's a text box) or double-click (if it's a shape) in the nested object to reveal the insertion point. Then you can write or insert the object.