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More about Dahme and around Dahme

No matter whether you start from the holiday home or apartment by bike or on foot: Nature, the Baltic Sea and the beach accompany you on the way to water sports, to enjoyable food in the restaurant or on a romantic walk on the beach with the sun setting. But Dahme offers more than that! Just like your own four walls at home, there is the perfect favorite place for every taste in Dahme. Whether on the lighthouse, with the fish sandwich in hand or in the salt cave of the StrandSpa: All visitors to Dahme, whether young or old, whether from near or far, will find their personal holiday highlight on the Baltic Sea. Not enough? There's sea here!

Nature in Dahme - Original and down to earth

Dahme is more than just a beach. This is easy to see when you start one of the numerous bike routes and not only get to know water on the tour, but also forests, meadows and fields. There is a lot to discover, for big interested people and little adventurers who discover the world around them and their holiday home. If you want to know exactly, you have come to the right address with our natural history guide Axel Kramer. Nobody knows the Dahmer area, but also the beach, flora and fauna as well as Mr. Kramer. If you are interested in a guided tour, please contact us at the Tourist Information or write us a message!

Discover on the beach of Dahme Meer

Dahme without a beach would be like Dahme without you! The “heart of Dahme” is where you and the place meet with the Baltic Sea, where so many beautiful pictures and memories are created. This is what some people call the beach, because all visitors come together here: old hands, newbies, water sports enthusiasts and seahorse owners, active and relaxed holidaymakers. But of course also residents and your Meermacher from Tourismus Service Dahme, who ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. At the beach in Dahme there is a lot of sea to discover. Here the Dahmer life beckons, here you can try new things, fall in love, get engaged and get married. Whether you are in Dahme as a couple or with family, friends or acquaintances, the "four walls" of the Baltic Sea resort always give you the feeling of being on holiday at home.
And because Dahme really offers something for everyone, your four-legged friends also have the opportunity to enjoy Dahme and the Baltic Sea beach to the fullest. Romp around carefree in the water with other dogs or simply whiz along the sandy beach: All dogs (and of course their owners) are welcome at the dog beaches in Dahme! You are welcome to inquire in detail at our tourist information or use the dog guide "Sea Heart for Dogs" with all the important and useful information about a holiday with a dog in Dahme!

Two lighthouses, one heart, one Dahme

The lighthouse in Dahmeshöved has been the landmark of the Baltic Sea resort of Dahme for over 100 years. And if you look closely, there are even two lighthouses that no longer only show the ships on the Baltic Sea, but also light the way for our visitors to their holiday homes. The Dahmer lighthouse is not only a maritime symbol and trademark of the community, but also the place that makes the wedding day really perfect. Saying yes to yourself, surrounded by confidants and high above everyone else's heads, creates an incredibly intimate and secure feeling. The Baltic Sea rushes in the background and congratulates with unique sea air and typical waves. For information on the use of the Dahmeshöved lighthouse as a special registry office, simply speak to the Meermacher at the Tourist Information or write us a message directly!

Due to the contact and distance rules that are not to be observed in the lighthouse as part of corona prevention, we are not allowed to offer guided tours until further notice.

Sunday to Thursday5. April 22nd - October 22nd, 2020

15:00 | 15:30 | 16:00 | 4:30 p.m.

A maximum of 12 people per tour

Duration: about 30 minutes

Entrance fees:
Adults € 3 (with OstseeCard)
Children (up to 18 years) € 1.50

Children up to 10 years accompanied by an adult.
Subject to changes due to weather conditions.
Dogs are not allowed on the lighthouse grounds.

Dahmer history - from then to now

If you've always wondered how Dahme became what it is today, then you've come to the right place! Discover Dahme from a different, historical side: Summer guests have been coming to Dahme for over 150 years and from the construction of the lighthouse to the first holiday homes and beach chairs to the many other exciting data and facts you will find everything that quenches the thirst for knowledge on Dahme.

1832The first summer visitors to the Baltic Sea
1853First facilities for the use of the seaside pool
1866Steamboat connection with Lübeck and Denmark
1872A storm flood of the century destroys a large part of the village and claims many victims
1879Construction of the Dahmeshöved lighthouse - the landmark of Dahme
1898Inauguration of a hot bathing establishment
1900According to the bathing administration, 2900 guests stayed at the seaside resort
1906Dahme is more popular than neighboring baths such as Kellenhusen, Grömitz or Scharbeutz
1911Inauguration of the first pier
19234800 guests in one season



The construction of a water and electricity works, a reading hall with a library, tennis, sports and playgrounds make the holiday more pleasant for guests

1931Under the newly appointed bathing director, Dahme is celebrating 50 years as a seaside resort
1949With 2,627 guests and 28,677 overnight stays, bathing is resumed
1952Establishment of the Zedano campsite - a household name for campers
1962Dahme opens his Kurmittelhaus and becomes a Baltic Sea spa
1963Inauguration of the modern guest house
1964Establishment of the Evangelical Gerolds Chapel 
1968Inauguration of the first seawater outdoor swimming pool on the Baltic Sea
1970Dahme has 2,000 inhabitants and accommodates over 5,000 guests
1975Partnership with the municipality of Nysted / Denmark
1979Clearance of a 205m long pier

- Inauguration of the saltwater indoor swimming pool with 400m² outdoor pool

- Award for the competition "Experience culture: S-H"

- Creation of a green oasis of calm through the 22,000 m² spa park

- 6,370 guest beds from private rooms to hotels and from holiday homes to apartments

- Completion of the bicycle and hiking trail to Kellenhusen

1999700 year celebration of the town of Dahme
2000"Light of Freedom" memorial stone is unveiled in Dahmeshöved 
2006One of the most modern youth hostels in Germany is inaugurated
2007After heavy rainfall: flood disaster in Dahme
2008Inauguration of the new sports and health center
2013The dyke construction project of the century ends with the expansion of the northern beach
2014The "Little Swede" a 21-ton boulder is now on Nysted Square
2019Dahme has 1,200 inhabitants and has 85,000 guests, 22% of them children 

The data was made available with the kind support of Dr. Jürgen Möller, Heimat- und Kulturverein Dahme e.V.,