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Merry Christmas: 95 festive Christmas sayings + 10 sample texts for the celebration

Festive Christmas sayings are simply part of Christmas. Get rid of common phrases like "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" and inspire with varied sayings that enchant. We have 95 Christmas sayings in seven categories for you, so that you can really get your loved ones in the Christmas mood.

Happy Holidays: 95 Christmas sayings to give away and say

Happy Holidays: 95 Christmas sayings to give away and say

Christmas sayings can be wonderfully written on Christmas cards. So you can stand out from the crowd and finally break away from the usual "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year". After all, it is no longer anything special when all of your relatives and friends give you nice cards, but each of them says the same thing.

Another option is to recite Christmas sayings instead of writing them on a Christmas card. Christmas is a peaceful time when the family comes together and happiness is the focus. Some families have even made it a tradition to recite Christmas sayings or Christmas poems before the presents are given. This is to cause everyone to gather, each family member to be in focus for a brief moment and everyone to have something to laugh about.

You can also add other sayings to your Christmas greetings. A kindly meant wisdom, sayings about the family for your relatives or sayings for your best friend can give your Christmas card a loving touch. After all, you can use this occasion not only to express Christmas wishes, but also to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

Beautiful Christmas sayings

Beautiful Christmas sayings are particularly contemplative and optimally matched to the Christmas festival. They try to capture the spirit of Christmas and spread a festive mood. You can give beautiful sayings for Christmas to all kinds of contacts. Whether acquaintances, professional contacts, friends or family - we have selected the sayings so that they are suitable for everyone. Pick a great saying and send it to several contacts via WhatsApp, email or as a card.

The first Christmas cards were printed in London in 1843. They showed a happily celebrating family. A few years earlier, postage costs in Great Britain were standardized. This made it affordable to send postcards and the custom of sending out Christmas cards developed.
  1. Christmas is not a point in time and not a season, but a state of mind. To hold peace and benevolence in one's heart, to be generous with mercy, that is, to carry the true spirit of Christmas within.
    (Calvin Coolidge)
  2. The magic of this quiet time is caught in the candlelight. On a pine branch and a green wreath, he woos us in the flame dance and moves into our hearts with a Christmassy glow.
    (Anika Menger)
  3. Advent and Christmas are like a keyhole through which a glow from home falls on our dark earth path.
    (Friedrich von Bodelschwingh)
  4. Time to be silent, to listen, to go inside. Only those who control the rest can still see the miracles that the spirit of Christmas gives people.
  5. When we realize that the time we take for another person is the most precious thing we can give, then we have understood the meaning of Christmas.
    (Roswitha Bloch)
  6. I wish you…
    Time to reminisce about yesterday.
    Time to relax here today.
    Time to make new plans for tomorrow.
  7. Time for love and feeling
    today it only stays cool on the outside!
    Candlelight and the scent of cookies
    Christmas is in the air!
  8. The magic of this quiet time is caught in the candlelight. On a pine branch and a green wreath, he woos us in the flame dance and moves into our hearts with a Christmassy glow.
    (Anika Menger)
  9. I wish you for Christmas time
    a heart full of happiness and serenity.
    That all worries seem to be forgotten
    and people blissfully unite.
  10. What i wish for you:
    The family united. Forget all quarrels.
    Enough in the pantry.
    Knock on the door.
    Friendly faces.
    Piles of packages.
    Card greetings from all your loved ones.
    Not forgetting anything.
    That nothing should burn.
    Laughs and little sillies.
    Hugs and Kisses.
    Happy memories.
    I wish you with all my heart,
    that everything may come true for you,
    what Christmas means:
    A little warmth in the depths of winter
    a light in the dark.
  11. Suddenly everything looks festive.
    It shines brightly in every house.
    The windows are brightly decorated
    Christmas delights people.
  12. Fir trees and many lights,
    Baked apple scent and happy faces.
    The joy of giving - the heart expands.
    I wish you a great Christmas time.
  13. A poem for every day -
    Words that everyone likes.
    Songs we all sing -
    Thoughts that bring us joy.
    Warmth that everyone hopes for -
    the future happy and open to everyone.
    Then Christmas is all year round -
    I wish this dream come true
    (B. Honegger)
  14. A cozy home, a glass of wine,
    good food - by candlelight.
    Abundance of satisfaction
    this is the beautiful Christmas season.

Short Christmas sayings for Merry Christmas

Short Christmas sayings for Merry Christmas

Short Christmas sayings are very suitable for memorizing, for gift tags, for sending on WhatsApp, by SMS etc. or as a quick emergency saying when there is no time left in the stress of Christmas. Though short, they can be just as reflective as longer sayings. Sometimes they even summarize much better what Christmas is all about.

Have you already written your own text on your card and are only looking for a short saying to fill the card? The following sayings are also perfect for this. It is especially nice if your own text is on the right side of your Christmas card and a short saying on the left, supplemented by stickers or small drawings with Christmas motifs.

  1. Christmas, the best time should bring joy, happiness and contentment.
  2. Christmas is not a season. It is a feeling.
    (Edna Ferber)
  3. Now bright Christmas candles shine and bring happiness to all hearts.
  4. May we see that riches are not necessary for prosperity.
    (from Ireland)
  5. The way of giving is more important than the gift itself.
    (Pierre Corneille)
  6. This greeting card should say: Enjoy the Christmas days.
  7. And wherever we join hands and are happy, we share what really matters.
    (M.B. Hermann)
  8. Whether above or below zero, whether it's raining or snowing, your Christmas season will be particularly beautiful and wonderful!
  9. Let the magic into your heart and carry it through the world.
    (Beat Jan)
  10. Love is the eternal light.
    (Peter Rosegger)
  11. Joy wants to inhabit us, not just visit us.
    (Dorothee Sölle)
  12. Happiness often comes from attentiveness to small things.
    (Wilhelm Busch)
  13. With a candle, it's not the wax that's important, it's the light.
    (Antoine Saint-Exupéry)

Funny Christmas sayings for good friends

Funny Christmas sayings for good friends

For friends and family it can be a funny saying or even a Christmas joke at Christmas. Since you know them so well that you can assess their humor, you have the great opportunity to put a smile on their faces during the contemplative time. If you have business contacts, however, you should avoid funny Christmas sayings. Here they could be seen as dubious, tactless or impolite. Rather use classic quotes or general sayings. Here you can find more funny sayings and jokes.

  1. Grandma sings the old songs
    Grandpa covers his ears.
    Again and again every year
    is it gone, the Christmas rest ‘.
  2. Ho, ho, ho ... We wish you all
    cuddly warm -
    luminous contemplative -
    heavenly calm -
    angelic -
    calorie bombing -
    and Christmas with strong reindeer.
  3. Around Christmas time, it seems crazy, suddenly nobody is depressed any more. Everyone is happy, laughs, and is in a good mood, as I am amazed every year. Where's that glee for the rest of the year? Then it comes to me: It's the mulled wine, that's for sure!
  4. I'm little Santa Claus, unfortunately not in front of your house. That's why I'm sending you a handful of magic stars from far away. Merry Christmas!
  5. Food, gifts and mulled wine into the night,
    This is how Christmas is done with us!
    Cookies, music and a lot of joy,
    Celebrate together, there are so many people.
    I look forward to this time every year
    and every year there's a new Christmas dress.
  6. What is there under the Christmas tree?
    They are gifts, I hardly believe it!
    Even when I'm grown up
    I'm still happy like a child.
    But I saw today:
    Even after the meal, the gifts are still nice!
  7. Christmas should be reflective
    and happiness also comes in quickly,
    when family and friends see each other
    and finally get along once a year.
  8. Father: "Fritz, please light the Christmas tree!"
    After a while Fritzchen asks: "Daddy, the candles too?"
  9. "Oh, I don't know what to give my beloved wife for Christmas," says the friend to the other.
    "Then just ask her," encourages his friend.
    "I didn't want to spend that much either."

Christmas sayings for children

Christmas sayings for children

A child's laugh at Christmas is probably one of the most beautiful things in life. Children perceive Christmas in a completely different way, feel unbridled excitement and spread a special magic that also fills adults. As a rule, however, Christmas cards are less interesting for children. They are often only skimmed over because the same thing is written everywhere anyway and the eyes quickly wander to the actual gift.

So that the cards are also fun for the children, we have selected Christmas sayings that are thematically child-friendly and formulated in simple language. With wit and melody, they are especially fun for children. In order for the child to read the saying carefully, you could ask them to read your card out loud - this will give everyone something of a benefit and can laugh together.

  1. Christ Child, Christ Child, good guest. Did you bring me something? If you have something, then sit down, if you have nothing, then go right back.
  2. Do it like the Christmas bear - it doesn't take life that hard. Doesn't leave any worries through his fur, he loves the world warm and bright. And if it should be dark, he can enjoy it by candlelight!
  3. Advent, Advent, a little light is burning. First one, then two, then three, then four, then the Christ Child is at the door. And when the fifth light is on, then Santa has slept.
  4. "Oh Omi, the drum from you was really my best Christmas present."
    “Really?” Says Granny happily.
    "Yes, Mommy gives me five euros every day if I don't play on it!"
  5. Says Fritzchen to his mother: "You can cross the train off my wish list, I found one in the closet yesterday."
  6. “Mom, I can't go to school until later today. My advent calendar door is stuck! "
  7. Teacher: “It will be Christmas soon. Can someone tell me what you can do at Christmas? "
    Fritzchen: "I know it: presents."
    Teacher: "Yes Fritzchen, for example."
    Fritzchen: "For example underpants."
  8. Santa Claus, oh Santa Claus
    how I like you
    Come with gifts every year
    and are always there on time.
    You make all children happy
    that's why we like you so.
  9. Dear, good Santa Claus,
    Give me a chocolate man.
    Not so big and not so small
    But it should be cute.
  10. Saint Nicholas is a good man
    brings something to the little children.
    He lets the big ones run
    they can buy something.

Christmas sayings to think about

Christmas sayings to think about

Christmas is a peaceful time when many people think about what really matters in life. The following sayings are suitable for this retrospective, slightly melancholy mood. They do not endanger the Christmas spirit in any way, but rather stimulate thought and teach important things that should be appreciated. If you don't find what you are looking for, there are many more sayings to think about.

  1. The secret of Christmas is that in our search for the great and the extraordinary, we are drawn to the inconspicuous and the small.
  2. Advent is a time when there is time to think about what is worth taking time for.
    (Gudrun Kropp)
  3. Celebrating Christmas in the comfort of the family is probably the most beautiful gift of all these days.
  4. When we realize that the time we take for another person is the most precious thing we can give, then we have understood the meaning of Christmas.
    (Roswitha Bloch)
  5. In Advent, the time of lights, everyone quickly becomes a poet, because in this quiet time, a quiet word goes very far.
    (Achim Schmidtmann)
  6. The secret of Christmas is that in our search for the great and the extraordinary, we are drawn to the inconspicuous and the small.
  7. There is a full life despite many unfulfilled desires.
    (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
  8. The greatest events are not our loudest, but our quietest hours.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  9. The message of Christmas:
    There is no greater power than love.
    She overcomes hatred
    as light is darkness.
    (Martin Luther King)
  10. The sun cannot be without shine, humans cannot be without love.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  11. We all do or should do it. We all come home or should come home. For a short rest, the longer the better, to take in and give rest.
    (Charles Dickens)
  12. Basically, it is always the connections with people that give life its value.
    (Wilhelm von Humboldt)
    I always become particularly aware of this at Christmas. It is a pity that this happy time of coming together only happens once a year. But that's why I'm all the more looking forward to it. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas sayings that show gratitude

Christmas sayings that show gratitude

It is not easy for many people to say thank you. But Christmas is a very good time to take heart and thank those who really deserve it. Think about what is important in life and who has helped you on your life path. Christmas sayings that show gratitude have a great advantage: They make it easier for you to express your gratitude and immediately find the right words. You may even come up with your own text to say thank you for or you can change the sayings a little.

  1. A Christmas angel comes by
    send you a thank you,
    and wishes for two:
    That nothing ever separates us
    because nobody knows me that well.
  2. Take and give,
    so life is.
    Because you give me so much
    I want you to get something too.
    A little gift,
    that's how you know I'm thinking of you.
  3. Thank you for being there for me during this difficult year. I hope you have a quiet and stress-free evening. I will always have in my heart what you did for me.
  4. The more beautiful and full the memory, the harder it is to separate. But gratitude turns the memory into a silent joy.
    (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Christmas sayings from well-known Christmas carols

Christmas sayings from well-known Christmas carols

By writing Christmas sayings from well-known Christmas carols on your card, you may not only make a catchy tune, but you may also bring back beautiful childhood memories. One of the most famous Christmas carols is "O Tannenbaum". It comes from a version from the 16th century, which has continued to spread and change since then. Everyone knows their melody and at least the first verse. For this reason it should not be missing from our list. So that the saying stays the same, we only use parts from the well-known Christmas carol so that you can write it on a card or recite it.We apply this principle to all kinds of Christmas carols - most of them will probably sound familiar to you.

Tip: Instead of usually writing down the text, you can paint a classic Christmas motif with a speech bubble and let it sing "O Tannenbaum". You can also draw eyes and a mouth on objects and make them sing the song. Your creativity knows no limits. Motifs such as: Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas child, angel, reindeer, gift, gingerbread man, star, candle, bell, boots are suitable. If you don't feel like painting anything, a festive sticker with a speech bubble is enough.

  1. O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree
    How green are your leaves.
    You're not only greening in summer time,
    no also in winter when it snows:
    O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree
    How green are your leaves!
    (E. Anschütz / J.A. Zarnack Weise, around 1800)
  2. Snowflake whitedress,
    when do you come snowed;
    You live in the clouds
    your way is so far.
    (Hedwig Haberkern, 1869)
  3. Silent Night Holy Night!
    Everything sleeps, lonely wakes
    Only the faithful sacrosanct couple.
    Gentle boy in curly hair,
    Sleep in heavenly peace!
    Sleep in heavenly peace!
    (Text: J. Mohr, composer: F. Gruber, 1818)
  4. O you happy, o you blessed,
    merciful Christmas season!
    World was lost
    Christian is born:
    Rejoice, rejoice, O Christendom!
    (Johannes Falk, 1806)
  5. Every year again
    comes the Christ child
    down to earth
    where we humans are.
    (Wilhelm Hey, 1837)
  6. Santa Claus is coming tomorrow,
    comes with his gifts.
    Colorful lights, silver decorations,
    Child and manger, sheep and bull,
    Shaggy bear and panther
    I would like to have it!
    (Text: Hoffmann von Fallersleben, melody: Ernst Heinrich Leopold Richter, 1837)
  7. "Merry Christmas everywhere!"
    joyous sound resounds through the air.
    Christmas tone, Christmas tree,
    Christmas scent in every room!
    (Text: Heinrich A. H. von Fallersleben / Melodie: From England, 19th century)
  8. Tomorrow, children, there will be something
    tomorrow we will be happy!
    What a jubilation, what a life
    will be in our house!
    One time we'll wake up
    hot then is christmas day!
    (Text: Philipp von Bartsch, music: Carl Gottlieb Hering, 1809)
  9. Sweeter the bells never sound
    than at Christmas time:
    It's as if angels are singing
    again of peace and joy ‘.
    (Text: Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, melody: Thuringian folk song, 1826)
  10. Jingle Bells,
    ring, bell, ring!
    Let me in, you children,
    is the winter so cold
    open the doors for me
    don't let me freeze to death.
    Jingle Bells,
    ring, bell, ring!
    (Text: Karl Enslin 1854, melody: folk song)
  11. Let it snow
    the lake lies still and rigid,
    The forest shines for Christmas:
    Rejoice, the Christ Child is coming soon!
    (Text: Eduard Ebel 1895, melody: folk song)

10 sample texts as a supplement to a Christmas saying

10 sample texts as a supplement to a Christmas saying

Since it is best to write a small text of its own for each Christmas saying, we have formulated a few sample texts for you as a guide. They are rather freely written and resemble the classic texts that are otherwise often found in Christmas cards. They differ from sayings and are ideal as a supplement if there is still space on your card.

For friends and relatives

Christmas, the festival of love, has cast its magic on us all.
I wish you relaxed and happy hours with the family
and happiness and health for the coming year!

Just in time, like every year, there will of course be Christmas greetings and best wishes. So that you don't get bored, I do not wish you any castles in the air this year. I wish that you will manage to completely forget the stress of everyday life at least once a week and take time for yourself. I wish that you will be able to keep in regular contact with me and that I can help you with any problems. And I wish you can flourish in your new job without overworking. Merry Christmas!

I thank myself. For everything you've done for me this year For relying on you For having you in my life That's why I wish you all the best for the Christmas season: lots of time with your loved ones, the most delicious food, the loudest laugh and that you can still find peace and quiet despite the Christmas hustle and bustle.

Fir trees, tinsel, balls and lights
Baked apple scent and happy faces
Joy in giving, the heart expands
I wish you a fulfilling time.
I hope you enjoy all the little Christmas rituals, find peace and enjoy the festive season. Have a good new year, I think of you!

I wish you a magical Christmas, relaxing holidays and a peaceful time with your family. May all your wishes for the new year come true. I hope we'll spend more time together then. Stay the way you are

For professional contacts and acquaintances

Finally forget the stress of work ... my dear colleagues, I wish you a fairytale Christmas and a good time with your families. Have a good New Year and let it rip! I look forward to seeing you all again then.

I wish you time. Time to give, time to laugh, time to live, to enjoy. Merry Christmas and a magical party!

I am happy to have such a great team at work. We are not just work colleagues, but also friends. For this reason I wish you a wonderful break from work and lots of fun with your families. Until then, in the new year. I wish you all a happy new year!

We wish you a quiet, contemplative Advent season, happy holidays and happiness, health and success for the new year, combined with our thanks for the trust you have placed in us and the pleasant cooperation.

These stars are familiar, they never rest.
From afar they smile at you with a lovely Christmas greeting.
They also say: Have a good new year. You want health and rest, that's for sure!

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