What does thumbnail mean on YouTube

Thumbnails - small pictures with great power

The biggest advantage of thumbnails is that reduced file size compared to the original image. If the range of image and video content on a website is initially presented in the form of thumbnails, significantly faster loading times can be achieved. Internet users decide for themselves which content they want to see and load into the browser in original size with one click.

The small file size of thumbnails makes it possible for website operators to target visitors a lot of content at a glance to offer without increasing the loading time of the page. If you click on the thumbnail, you get to the media content in original size. B. opens in a new tab or window. Further advantages are:

  • Space saving: Thumbnails enable Internet users to present an overview of various media content in a small space.

  • Ease of use: Images have the great advantage that they can be captured very quickly. Thumbs structure a website in such a way that users can quickly orientate themselves on it.

  • Interactivity: Thumbnails entice the user to interact with the website - usually to click on a preview image.

Thumbnails are usually generated automatically by search engines, image processing and image management programs. Especially users with mobile devices like Tablets or smartphones go online, benefit from a smaller file size and the clarity of the website you are viewing.