How widespread is the insurance against legal costs

Effort versus consequence: why it is worth fighting against the cuts made by insurers

| In claims law seminars for motor vehicle workshops, the discussion flares up again and again as to whether it is worth taking up the fight against the various cuts by insurers. Because the cuts were often in the range of less than a hundred euros. Find out that, in the end, “even small cattle make crap” and there are good arguments not to shy away from the effort: You can outsource the work, your litigation cost risk is calculable in a process based on assigned rights and in many cases the insurers often declare that the action will be dealt with after the claim has been served . |

The arguments for and against

  • Some say that the effort of making a phone call afterwards or writing long letters in order to usually receive a "Our legal opinion has not changed" is hardly worth it. The commercial costs are higher than the meager additional payments justify.
  • Others oppose this: The individual “less than one hundred euros” cuts have to be added up at the end of the year. One can only be amazed at how high the sum is. Incidentally, every yielding confirms the insurance clerks in their trained belief that the workshops for accident business are much too expensive anyway. You can see that from the fact that the demands are not being seriously pursued. Less is obviously already more than enough, so the cuts are already firmly and regularly planned.