What is Khanda Yoga

Karma Yoga: Yoga of Action

1What is the yoga style karma yoga?

Karma Yoga is one of the four main paths in yoga and means in its origin "Yoga of Action" - so the yoga of action. Simply put, karma yoga means simply offering your service for your own will. One deletes everything that has to do with ego-like purposes, renounces. This purifies your heart and removes negativity such as jealousy, hatred, selfishness and arrogance. They are replaced by tolerance, sympathy and love.

"In a state of detachment, do whatever needs to be done, whatever it is, and never ask for the fruits of your deeds."

2What is the origin of Karma Yoga?

Karma Yoga is an integral part of the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and is considered one of the four forms of yoga. The only difference to all other forms of yoga is that karma yoga can be practiced directly and, above all, throughout the day. This is not possible with the other forms. Jnana Yoga and its most important form of practice, Hatha Yoga, for example, refer to a certain period of time, a duration.

"Karma Yoga is the yoga of deep and thorough merging with the divine through any selfless act."

The basis of Karma Yoga is a simple thought. It is the fact that we are free in our actions in every moment of life. Whether we feel compelled or not, we remain free in our actions and bear full responsibility for them.

That is why Karma Yoga also helps to answer the question: How should I act? Why should I act this way and not differently at this moment? Those who practice Karma Yoga long enough and more often find the answer will find the answer very quickly.

3What is the goal of karma yoga?

“The karma yogi need not believe in any doctrine. He does not even need to believe in God, he does not need to wonder what the soul is and he does not need to be attracted to any metaphysical speculation ”. (Practical Yoga)

He must act only and alone.

4Where is Karma Yoga practiced?

Generally speaking, karma can do yoga always and everywhere are executed. Whether at home in everyday life, in the office, on the street, when a grandma needs help with the shopping bags, in the evening, in the bar, in the restaurant. The only thing that matters is that the deeds do good. Karma baby

5Karma Yoga in yoga training

There are now a lot of yoga schools all over the world that offer yogis as karma yogis to finance their yoga training. This is a good option for those who cannot afford to have a yoga education financially for the time being.

Karma yogis support their studios, the ashram or the yoga schools with a wide variety of things. Cooking, cleaning, talking on the phone and maybe even teaching.

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