Zabuza Momochi comes back to life

Suigetsu Hōzuki

Suigetsu Hōzuki

Kanji水月 鬼 灯
RōmajiHōzuki Suigetsu
importanceDemon Light ・ Water Moon
Ninja IDNo
Age16 years
birthdayFebruary 18
size177.4 cm.
Weight57 kg.
blood typeB.
teamTeam Taka
relativeMangetsu Hōzuki (brother)
Hōzuki clan
Found inAnime and Manga
First appearanceVolume 38
Chapter 346
Episode 335
German speaker--
Jp. speakerTakashi Kondo

Suigetsu Hōzuki was a shinobi from Kirigakure and a student of Zabuza Momochi, he is the younger brother of the late Mangetsu Hōzuki. He is also a team member of Team Taka and respects the leader of the team Sasuke Uchiha. He himself claims to be the only normal person on the team, although he tends to dismember his opponents into the unrecognizable. His goal is one day to become one of the seven Shino sword fighters, which is why he collects strong sisters.

Character [edit | Edit source]

According to Kisame Hoshigaki, Suigetsu was a friendly child and he always had a big smile on his face back then. Unfortunately, however, he tended to bring the limbs of his opponents back to the village. He himself finds it absolutely amusing to see other people suffer and actually tends to dismember his opponents. But despite this fact he is loyal to Sasuke and claims to be the only normal person on the Taka team. Out of fear of Suigetsu, Orochimaru locked him in a prison made of water, so far it is unclear how he was able to capture him.

Suigetsu and Team Taka [edit | Edit source]

Liberation from Suigetsu[Edit | Edit source]

Sasuke frees Suigetsu from the water tank with the help of his katana and wants it to follow him. Since Suigetsu was in a water tank, he had no clothes on, he asks Sasuke who he would like to take everything with him and Sasuke briefly explains to him that he wants to take Karin from the southern hiding place and Jūgo from the northern hiding place this one doesn't really like the two of them. However, Sasuke doesn't go into it any further and orders him to get dressed, the Uchiha turns around and leaves. Suddenly Suigetsu appears next to him and grabs him by the artery, now Sasuke also stops and looks out of the corner of his eye at Suigetsu, who tells him he is nothing better just because he had defeated Orochimaru and asked him what he thinks he just commands share. According to Suigetsu, Sasuke was only Orochimaru's pet, which is why he hadn't locked him away, Sasuke is said to have always been by Orochimaru's side. Now one also learns that all - except possibly Kabuto - his subordinates wanted to kill him. Sasuke doesn't seem particularly excited or enthusiastic about Suigetsu's comments and is silent. Suigetsu takes his finger from Sasuke again and explains with a grin that it was all just fun, but he had just released it, which is why the two should be quits. Suigetu says to Sasuke that he is free, so he would do what he feels like, then he turns away from Sasuke and goes to his clothes, without turning around, Sasuke goes ahead while he says it is unfortunate. Sasuke was walking through the woods along a path when suddenly Suigetsu reappeared in a puddle and said that it was his team that had defeated Zabuza Momochi. Now Suigetsu asks what happened to Kubikiri Houcho with Zabuza's sword, but Sasuke just watches him in silence as he swims in the big puddle. Suigetsu swims closer to Sasuke, who is standing on the land, grinning and tries to close a hall with him, he tells him where the sword of Zabuza is and when he has it then Suigetsu would join Sasuke's team. Sasuke nods tightly and now walks over the puddle, again Sasuke orders him to put something on and this time Suigetsu does it. So the two went in search of a sword.

In search of Zabuza's sword[Edit | Edit source]

Sasuke and Suigetsu went in search of the sword and now stood in front of the large Naruto bridge, Sasuke looked at it slightly surprised when Suigetsu had caught up with him and asked him about the name, immediately afterwards he asked Sasuke whether Zabuza was strong or not and Sasuke remembers the fight back then, Suigetsu travels out of his thoughts and asks him what was going on, but Sasuke doesn't answer, he called his name again and tries to get his attention, but Sasuke just means nothing and they should go on. So both marched over the Naruto Bridge, whether they had spoken there or something special had happened but was not shown. When they arrived at Zabuza and Haku's grave they noticed that the sword had been taken with them, Suigetsu asks him if he was sure whether the sword was there, Sasuke replied a curt yes. Suigetsu wants to know from Sasuke where the sword is and Sasuke replies that he doesn't know, after all, he wasn't the keeper of his grave. Back on the Naruto Bridge, Sasuke wants to know what Suigetsu is up to now, but he says that he intends to get the sword back and explains his dreams to Sasuke when he was suddenly interrupted by someone who bumped and insulted him, Suigetsu points with his finger on him and Sasuke takes Suigetsu's hand down, the guy who bumped into the two turned around and asks Sasuke if he had a problem and Sasuke turns to him, fear spreads in the strange boy, what you looked at him immediately and he wanted disappear quickly and Sasuke lets him go. Suigetsu just says that Sasuke is pretty nice and then asks him how he wants to settle his debt, in the next moment you see the face of a pretty woman with pink cheeks and you can see three other women who are looking at Sasuke with pink cheeks while Suigetsu is from Raves about the yogurt he is eating, Sasuke tries to ignore the waitresses and Suigetsu starts again to give Sasuke some pointless speech. But Sasuke just wants to know whether Suigetsu could afford to "relax" like that, but Suigetsu evades the question and asks him why Sasuke gathered them at all or at least planned to, who Uchiha says he would tell him when they are complete whereupon Suigetsu happily says they should conquer the world, as an example of what Sasuke would say, again Sasuke avoids Suigetsu's questions and says he should do this in his free time, Suigetsu looks at his counterpart in disbelief while he says he has a much bigger goal, yes his bewilderment disappears and Suigetsu scratches his head with the spoon and he suddenly said if someone else had told him he would not have believed him for a second, after a conversation the two found out who could know where the sword was and went there the way, the old bridge builder Tazuna who had protected the team 7 times from Zabuza Momochi supposedly knowledge. However, they found out that he had got a job in the land of lightning and would only come back in a year, again the two run through the streets of the small village when the same boy as before bumped Suigetsu, but before he could escape this time He was also stopped by the two and dragged into an alley where he was then questioned by Suigetsu, finally the two learned that the sword was with a politician, when they stormed the residence of him it turned out that it was actually that Sword of Zabuza, they took it after a short fight and went in search of Karin.

In the southern hiding place[Edit | Edit source]

Suigetsu and Sasuke now head towards Orochimaru's southern hiding place in which Karin should be. Suigetsu, who is not at all enthusiastic about taking Karin with him, follows Sasuke, but talks him about some things and his idea of ​​what kind of person Sasuke really is, he assumed Sasuke was a cold-blooded murderer after he found out that Sasuke was responsible for that Thousands of mercenaries tried to stop them from entering the residence and were still attacking them in the residence. He asks him if this is the shortest way, but Sasuke is silent whereupon Suigetsu thinks it is the shortest way, without Sasuke even exchanging a word with him, he speaks to him and thinks he can understand him really well. After they arrived in the southern hiding place, Sasuke Uchiha disappears with Karin in a room and Suigetsu frees all prisoners, informing them that he would only release them under one waitress and that if they tell everyone around that Sasuke would save the world, the prisoners agreed, now Suigetsu made his way back to Sasuke who had disappeared into a room with Karin, he noticed that the door was locked, apparently by Karin, his eyes narrowed for a second and not a minute later opened he opened the door, Sasuke just got up from the sofa on which he was sitting and tells him that Karin would accompany her, without further comments Sasuke leaves the room while Karin and Suigetsu argue with each other and will do this the whole way.

The last member and Itachis dead[Edit | Edit source]

After they finally freed the last member of Team Taka, they went in search of Itachi. After they found Itachi, Sasuke put himself in a fight and then won him over. Meanwhile, Suigetsu fought with Kisame Hoshigaki for Samehada. Sasuke collapsed from exhaustion after Itachi's death, after he was treated by Tobi, the rest of the team makes their way to the hiding place before they learn that Sasuke has allied with Akatsuki.

Fight against the eight-tailed man[Edit | Edit source]

Like the rest of the team, he later joins Akatsuki and sets off with Team Taka to find the eight-tailed biju. When fighting the Jinchūriki, he tries to protect his team. With Suika no Jutsu he can stop the mighty Hachibi for a while. Nevertheless, he is injured so badly that he cannot maintain his solid form and has to be carried away by his teammates as a semi-liquid unconscious person. The Kubikiri Houchou, which was forgotten at the battlefield, is back in Suigetsu's possession a short time later, when Team Taka left for Konoha. It was ripped from Killerbees Raiton swords.

Meet the Kagen[Edit | Edit source]

Sasuke wants to meet the Kage in order to kill Danzo in revenge, Suigetsu assists him in the fight against the Raikage and his bodyguards. But Suigetsu can't do much and is suddenly paralyzed by a drawn sword. Suigetsu's sword is broken in half by the raikage. After the fight is over and Sasuke and Karin are looking for Danzou, Jūgo and Suigetsu disguise themselves as samurai of the Iron Empire, but are exposed and put in prison. After he frees Jūgo and himself from prison with the help of Suika no Juts, they both set out to look for the Kubikiri Houchou.

Suigetsu's abilities Edit source]

Suigetsus Hidden is to partially or completely dissolve in water. So he can avoid practically any attack. The disadvantage of this, however, is that he quickly gets tired from using the skill and has to drink a lot of water. That's why he always has a bottle or two of water with him. But not only that, he is also able to generate a large amount of muscle on any part of the body and thus gain great physical strength.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • He has a lot of respect for Sasuke.
  • He has fought Jūgo before.
  • He loves to annoy Karin.
  • He insists on fighting Kisame to get his sword, the Samehada.
  • He calls Zabuza "Senpai", but admits in the anime that he never really met him. However, he was partly a role model for him.
    • In Kiri he was considered a child prodigy and the next "demon of Kirigakure", that is, a possible successor to Zabuza.
  • He also calls Kisame "Senpai". He remembers Suigetsu's brother Mangetsu Hōzuki and Suigetsu himself when he was a little boy.
  • Sasuke seems to believe that Suigetsu can outperform Kisame. In chapter 404 he says, "You can do it not yet defeat".
  • He seems to have a weakness towards Raiton, even though his element is Suiton.
  • His favorite food is yogurt and jelly (he especially likes the drinkable ones).