Why do people play with different emotions

The rose-colored glasses - why we fall in love

A relationship definitely has something to do with "enduring". I find it a good and helpful thought to divide relationships into phases. Nothing lasts forever. My partner is changing and I also learn to deal with things and develop myself further. In this phase it becomes clear who has basic trust and who begins to become insecure more quickly. The first fear of loss can arise.

At this point, not only does my relationship pattern, which has formed in my childhood and youth, become apparent - in such phases we also have the opportunity to heal old patterns and learn to deal differently and better with ourselves and things. For example, in this phase we can learn to trust.

Yes, the partner gets to know my weaknesses and I get to know his too. But that is exactly what is needed to be able to live real closeness and intimacy. Being in love means sharing the good times. Love is to live the similarities even in the weak phases and the differences.

A stable sense of self-worth can work wonders: knowing that you are valuable and taking care of yourself and others. So that something common third can arise. For me personally, such sober phases are the most exciting: They can not only be a deep valley, they are also the preliminary stage to the next blissful high. Provided you are ready to grow.